PACS (Phanan Animal Care for Strays) Update with Raj

12 Feb 2021

Raj is the Foundation Manager at Phangan Animal Care for Strays here on Koh Phangan, she joins us for an update on their incredible work.

Firstly Raj bean by volunteering, this is something that PACS are always in great need of, you can get involved yourself! Even without any previous experience with animals.

PACS is a non-profit animal organisation on the island of Koh PhaNgan. PACS is dedicated to improving the lives of the island's stray animals, since 2001.

Important information for tourists coming to the island during high season is to know that the stray animals of the island are taken care of and to not take them to your home or accomodation. These animals need to learn street survival which they cannot do if you start to feed them but then just leave.

Raj talks about PACS now being recognised as a charity in Thailand, lookin for a full time vet as well as the important fundraising to keep PACS going.