Crypto Phangan - Elisa from DG House

7 Jul 2022

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After coming to Koh Phangan for many years on holiday, Elisa’s Husband decided it was time to give it a go permanently and sold everything he had to réalise his dream; living on Koh Phangan. 

“We had started our love story a few months before, but as we have known each other for many years, when he proposed to me to join the adventure, I could not say no!”. 

Why did you decide to open DG House?
This was the plan when we arrived, to rent houses. It took us some time to find the perfect place as we wanted something already built. After a few years on the island, life brought us to this place where we lived for 3 years. 
While living there we started seeing the potential in this place and started making some plans with it. As soon as we took over the place, we added a swimming pool.

What makes it different or special from other places?
I come from Paris and used to work in fashion and am passionate about decoration, the aim here was to create a style that did not exist on the island. Bring some Western ideas and concepts and mix it with local and traditional Thai style. Come and have a look, you will see. 

Why did you start to accept crypto?
Because there was a demand for it.

Why do you think crypto is good for Koh Phangan?
Because even if not everyone is using it, many people are and it would be closing a door to those people. It is part of our future, we cannot deny it.

How do you feel covid has affected your business?
We used to have only short term visitors and the lack of tourists has made that difficult. We had to change our strategy and accept long term customers. We also had to lower our prices by 50% in low season and even more in high season, as we did not have any.

Where do you see yourself and the business 5 years from now?
Still on Koh Phangan and I hope covid will be out by then and tourism back to normal on our sweet island.

What do you enjoy about Koh Phangan?
The weather, nature (loving as much the jungle as the beach/sea), driving feels like a video clip, local people are super nice and helpful and people surrounding us are the best too! 
Basically, except for the paperwork, I love everything about this place. I am grateful every day to live in such a paradise!