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Beaches on the East of the Island Koh Phangan

22 Sep 2017

Phanganist has this week been focusing on getting around the beaches of Phangan. The island has so much to offer when it comes to paradise bounty beaches and todays choice of beaches is some of the very best collection on the island.

The East of Koh Phangan is home to some of the islands best most beautiful beaches which are only reachable by boat. This makes them feel somewhat ‘extra special’ and dreamy.

The areas of the East side are made up of Haad Yuan, Haad Tien and Why Nam and to get there you must get a taxi boat from Haad Rin beach, these are available pretty much 24/7 as long as the waves and weather is good.

Again as an island of opposites you have the Sanctuary with weekly workshops, there are lots of Yoga and Detoxing possibilities and every weekend a few Parties.over here,  Haad Yuan the most amazing beach, clear water, deep only a few meters in and stunning surroundings from the beach and rock formations to the hills behind. Beautiful resorts and delicious restaurants just out the beach. Why Nam an even more isolated beach with one recommended restaurant. There is more to it but this is what the East side is known for.

The Sanctuary is probably the best known centre over here and this is where you can get your dose of yoga and detox whilst in a beautiful location away from the other mainstream areas of the island.

There are a few resorts offering traditional style bungalows at a reasonable cost which makes this area even more attractive, some chose to rent a bungalow over here if they want to party at the area's famous Guy’s Bar and Eden.

Guy’s and Eden are renowned for their carefree party atmosphere and remain ‘underground’ even after years running as they are away from the main party areas of Baan Tai and Haad Rin, who would know that just a boat ride from the Full Moon beach is a glorious paradise with quality music where you can dance through evening to the daytime and beyond. In the morning the sunrise will knock you of your feet rising over the sea in a spectacular view.

The sunset in every colour you can imagine ofcourse. The evening beach on Sanctuary beach in Haad Tien;

On the way in between the beaches in small long tail boats the view will mesmorize you. It is all just so beautuful.

Feeling like a beach round about? We take you on a tour roundabout the best and most beautiful beaches on Koh Phangan. Just note BEACH ROUNDABOUT in our WISHLIST Package request form HERE and we bring you around for a whole day for a stunning beach adventure with snorkeling and kayakking in deep blue clear seas by isolated white beautiful bounty beaches. Easy )) 

Feeling to find a way to stay? Also easy! We recommend f.ex Pariya resort in Haad Yuan!

Photos courtesy of Lee-Ann Gottani