More Families Choose to Stay in Haad Rin

30 Jun 2016

Haad Rin is where it all started, where the hippies came with their hedonistic ways and between them and the locals started the Full Moon Party which Koh Phangan is now famous for and the reason why this island has become popular with tourists.

In general we see more families visiting the island but preferring to stay in the more quiet spots with all inclusive resorts that cater for adults and children alike.

Recently however we have noticed that more and more families are choosing to stay in Haad Rin, although opting for the time in between full moon’s when there are no party goers around.

One of the main reasons for this is the affordable price when it is not full moon, prices are down and it is relatively quiet with competitive rates between the hotels and resorts in Haad Rin.

Keeping your family occupied on a holiday can be a challenge but Haad Rin boasts one of the most beautiful beaches on the island so parents can be safe in the knowledge that their kids can enjoy fun and games in the great outdoors.

Haad Rin beach gives you the sunset and the sunrise which not many other beaches can claim, near the pier and Cocohut you can enjoy an inspiring sunset with the family and if you want to get up early then the main area of the beach will offer a sunrise like no other to start off a day in paradise.

The beach, although quieter at night for the majority of the month still hosts a party every night at Cactus and Drop In bar where families can go down early and enjoy watching the fire performers, happy atmosphere and sample a little of the party culture of Koh Phangan without the intensity of the actual full moon party.

Haad Rin is in fact nice and calm during the times of no full moon and it is a great place for shopping and offers all anyone would need from clothes, jewelry, swimwear, electronics and souvenirs.

Haad Rin has many restaurants to chose from with many different cuisines, not just thai so that kids who may not like the strange flavours will still be happy. They are all in a nice walking distance and it is not strange to see eateries filled with joyful families who want to go and sample something different from their own resort or hotel’s offerings.

And it has it’s own pier, away from the main central port of Thong Sala, so this means that you can still enjoy day trips to Koh Samui, Tao or have easy access for a tour to Haad Tien or Yuan which are some of the most beautiful parts of the island.

We are really pleased to see more families visiting the area of Haad Rin and making the most of the times between busy full moon parties and with the growing concern of pushing up the standards and quality of services on the island, long may this continue!