Do not plan on heading to Cambodia soon unless you are willing to pay

21 Jun 2020

Cambodia has created more barriers to limit foreigners' visits in the country, starting with a requirement that forces travelers to deposit  3,000 USD at the point of entry with a bank to cover any medical and quarantine costs.

The deposit law is engraved in a price list issued by the country's Health Minister, who heads the Covid-19 Fight Ministerial Commission. The most current statement was dated 11 June.

All travelers except those on diplomatic or official government business must turn over the deposit of USD 3,000 either in cash or as a refund on their credit card. Besides, they will display evidence of medical care to immigration authorities for the amount of USD 50,000 and a safety certificate that says they are clear of Covbid-19 infection effective for up to 72 hours.

Last week, local news channels published specifics of the price list covering expenditures related to mandatory center testing until the traveler is permitted to join the country legally.

We are expected to pay USD100 for the Covid-19 PCR swab check and remain overnight at the lodging at the research center. The bus transfers are 5 USD per direction, 30 USD for the overnight stay while waiting for the outcome, and 30 USD for the meals.

If a single passenger on the flight tests positive, all passengers on the flight must undergo mandatory 14-day quarantine with a second isolation check expected on the 13th day. Additionally, the daily accommodation and food costs of 30 USD are applied along with a laundry fee of 15 USD, medical surveillance fee of 5 USD a day, and 3 USD for security services.

When no passengers test positive on a specific flight, all passengers will reach the country. Still, they have to separate themselves at their hotel address and submit for the 14 days to the medical officers daily and perform a second Covid-19 swab test on the 13th day. It will cost another 30 USD to reissue a valid health certificate to leave the country.

Travelers who have tested positive and have symptoms requiring hospital treatment pay 5 USD for transferring to the designated state hospital; During their stay in the hospital, they will undergo up to four COVID tests at 100 USD each.  The space in the hospital would cost 30 USD a day, 150 USD medication a day,  30 USD meals, 15 USD laundry service. In the case the passenger dies, the cost for cremation and funeral is 1,500 USD.

All of these costs will be deducted automatically from the deposit of the 3,000 USD paid to the designated bank.

This report is entirely based on the official government papers released on 9 and 11 June.

(Source: Department of Civil Aviation, and Combat -19 Ministerial Committee)

Source: TTRW