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Border News Thailand Malaysia

2 Aug 2017

Michael Lee, Phanganist's new reporter on the spot, with an update from the Malay Border;

Slowdown at the Border.

Friday 5pm is never the best time to hit the Sadou border crossing from Malaysia back to Thailand and with an "Experimental System in Use" it took an hour to navigate the que and stand before the Immigration Officer.

This wait I was told would be greatly reduced once the new computer system is installed to compliment the new office buildings. Requirements on entry have also changed in Sadou and now seem to follow official immigration policy.

There is no longer a need to insert 200 baht inside your passport before inspection, regardless of visa type.

Entering on a work visa then also present your work permit. Entering on a tourist visa and you may have to produce 20,000 baht , this now seems to be at the discretion of the Immigration Officer.

Three members of the party I travelled with were entering on their 1st or 2nd visas and were not asked to show funds, two other members of the group , who had an impressive collection of tourist visas and stamps , had to visit an ATM and show 20,000 baht each. This added another 40 minutes to the entire groups time at the border so if in doubt: keep some money about.

Thanks to Michael Lee and his insights from the border !! 

Now hurry up with that visa story of yours and get back here for the Fullmoon Party on Monday 7th of August!!