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Wanderlustmoonduo - Travel confidence will change

18 Jul 2020

Wanderlustmoonduo is two humans with the love of wandering this beautiful world. To show the beauty of humans and cultural experience and to spread joy as far as they possibly can. 

Having both always been captivated by the world. Travelling within the music industry, separately, gave Nik and Lindsey a massive spark to want to travel more on their own together. 

“Seeing and experiencing other cultures is the best way to learn to be human. To share those stories through writing in hopes of making other people smile, to dream, or get a glimpse into the magic of another place”. 


Wanderlustmoonduo.com was set up simply, to bring joy and a few smiles by sharing bits of who they are. To connect to others. 


“As a platform for us to share our writings, photos, and life to bring that joy and love to as many people as we can”. 


They find it a great way to share what makes them smile.

What makes them sad or think or be inspired to grow. 


For the COVID Lockdown, they have been at their home in Nashville, Tennessee. They have been reading kids books and posting them online to help friends who are parents.

“To give them a moment to breathe”. 

They have been taking a couple of nice long walks a day with Lindsey’s parents in their neighbourhood to discuss life and wave at neighbours. 


“Planting a few plants and watching what grows! Each morning, it is magical to see new growth. We’ve got a few Mole Peppers. Some really spicy sriracha peppers. A handful of cherry tomatoes. And an eggplant was growing just as we were leaving town”. 


Our older man neighbour passed away almost two years ago. When he did, Lindsey lured his feral cats to their property with a feeding station and cat house. Last year, one of them had kittens. The one kitten that survived, Violet, has been warming up to the couple. Each morning, they get pets and love before feeding time. Nik and Violet have really connected.


Nik and Lindsey had a beautiful touring and work year set up this year. All of that work has been lost, either cancelled completely or rescheduled with hope. 


“After finishing touring work, we would typically travel to other countries to explore. Now, travel for work or travelling internationally for us is not an option. This is what led us to buy a van to explore the US because once the borders open, we’re out of here”.

They are hopeful that cleaning procedures are massively ramped up. To ensure incredibly clean environments. But until there is a vaccine or so much more that is known, travel, in the ways it has been, will not feel safe. 


“Travel confidence will change for sure. We see people being more apprehensive to travel for a while, definitely to popular places or with large groups”.  

For them, travel is about seeing the culture, and hopefully not bringing their cultural influence into that culture. Observing and respecting the places they are visiting. That is forefront in their minds when they travel.

“Leaving expectations as well. This practice is commendable yet there is always more work to be done regarding it”. 


Nik and Lindsey are not as naive to say that with their white privilege they do not have any effect on the culture. Yet, they try to be as mindful of this ethos as possible. 

Having just getting started in this wild world of digital nomads their advice would be…

“Go, go and do it. Whatever you dream of. Go do it, no other time will be better than right now. Make the change to do what you have always wanted to do”. 

When it comes to travelling again Nik would say the place that blew him away more than any has been Romania.

“The culture and history there is really unbelievable. The countryside is gorgeous. And they have one of the most incredible roads in the world, the Transfăgărășan. A must-drive if at all possible. It also ends right above Vlad The Impaler's castle. He is the man who inspired the character Dracula”.

Lindsey loves Luang Probang, Laos. She stayed at an Airbnb a bamboo walking bridge away from the town centre.

“Each morning, I observed the monks as they walked for food, from my patio. Took a day trip to a waterfall and Buffalo dairy. Enjoyed a coffee tour from a local roaster. Ate the best noodles from a woman’s bike. And felt alive!”.