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The Luxe Review - Light at the end of the tunnel

28 Jul 2020

The Luxe Review is a premium lifestyle recommendation, review and news magazine. Its mission is to showcase the best in travel, technology, culture, dining and style. We want to inspire our readers. Now more than ever, we think people want to indulge themselves…

Everyone that works on The Luxe Review has a love for travel. We’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively, covering everything from Milan Design Week to cinema openings, European capitals to cruises around Asia.

“It gets in your blood…”
Steve at Milan Design Week
Steve at Milan Design Week

The whole team at the Luxe Review is a media professional. They have specialities that cover a range of interests, from luxury travel to high-end home entertainment.

“It was a great opportunity to pool our interests and expand into areas that fuel our passion”.

Like everyone - they have spent most of the time at home during COVID. Luckily enough, they’ve been able to carry on working - but what they’ve missed is getting out and travelling, social interaction. “Everyone has found it tough”.

Editorially speaking, The Luxe Review had so much travel planned for 2020, and all of it has had to be scrapped.

“We had a big Japan trip sorted, a festival in Spain, a global press event in Crete. It’s been a wipeout. The impact on the wider travel industry has been catastrophic”.


Their thoughts on the changing industry at that almost certainly Air travel will be very different, and restrictions will make long haul international flights far less attractive.

“Hotels are already reinventing how they accommodate guests. The implications will probably be long-lasting”

Technology has been a saviour for so many of us including The Luxe Review team. It’s enabled them to keep in touch, to work remotely.

“We were already seeing a natural move to a more digital, inclusive lifestyle. But COVID has accelerated the trend”. 

Steve at Dolby Cinema opening Manchester UK
Steve at Dolby Cinema opening Manchester UK

Ecotourism has been a real boom area, and they find this encouraging. Everyone’s relationship with travel is complicated, but they feel that if it enables a more sustainable ecosystem then that’s a great thing.

“Hotels and resorts which have adopted sustainable tourism will find themselves in a strong position going forward”.

The only advice The Luxe Review would offer anyone in the travel industry right now is to have faith.

“Tourism and travel are having a wretched time right now, but we firmly believe there will be light at the end of the tunnel. And at some point, people will be desperate to travel and spend and enjoy themselves again”. 

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary

Answers attributable to Steve May, co-Editor of The Luxe review, along with Bex April May, The Luxe Review (theluxereview.com)

Steve is on Twitter and Instagram as @stevemay_UK

The Luxe Review is on Twitter and Instagram as @theluxereviewUK