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Where to Go in Koh Phangan

23 Mar

So .. where do u want to go ? ..  Mostly this island is of course known as the Full Moon Party Island – but the island surely carries many more super nice features.

Everyone will know to go to Haad Rin – the big tourist attraction. For more silent moments in pieces of paradise u have multiple choices.
For small village life or Jungle life – for Beach life on quiet beaches, u should have some small hinters ;)
First u should know that this island is very small so no matter what u do on one side they will know about it on the other side before u even get there yourself.
That means – bad attitude – good attitude – girlfriends – boyfriends – landlords ( mammas and papas ) – Fights –Money issues – Accidents – Helps outs and so on -   all of this the locals will know about u when u stay for more than a week J. So good behavior and nice attitudes will be brought with u where ever u go – so no escaping from one side to the other ;)
Funny places to go – is always crowded so u need to know something that only the “few others” knows ;)
- and I guess I can be open here – lets be honest – how many will really read this article anyway ;) ?
Baan Tai – Baan Kai area .. is probably one of the most “funny” places to be – where its not as crowded as the “big cities” like Tong Sala and Haad Rin– in the matter of many different beautiful people living there – so always a friend close to u and 7 – 11 Baan Tai is the big hit for meeting yesterdays party mate ;)
U can always anyway find a good spot – whatever u want close to people or away. House or bungalow – all is available here.
Here u will find nearly all the parties except the Full Moon – this is where u have the small local restaurants – and some others ;)  – the After party place – the Famous Wat Po Sauna – the Massages – and so on … Good group of people hanging out there mostly J Go eat on the local restaurants here – they r excellent J
Funny – is also the different Jam sessions.. a bit all around all over the island – but u will get to hear about them when u get here if u ask .. not too much advertise for these ones compared to the “party scene” here. But when u get to one u meet the people who will tell u about the other happenings.
Go North for the quiet beauty – Tong Nai pan is beautiful and not as crowded as if u go Haad Rin .. the best beaches and sweet bungalows available. They start build big bungalows now on the beach also which means less quietness now – but u can still find super sweet spots up there. They have their own village life away from the big city and many small surprises there. If anywhere beside Haad Rin I guess this is also where the surf is most up ;)
Just around – more or less – is Than Sadet .. a very sweet place to get away also !
Waterfall – beach and small village.. also just to get away ;) Much more sweet local style than anywhere.

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