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Tourist traps

31 May 2014

Tourist traps you must know
Money you have found " suddenly " on the street ? Restaurant menu that has a "special" for tourists ? Or a ticket to bargain price " - the most common tourist traps waiting abroad.

For traveling and holidays abroad may be trapped tourists come. Walk passes the " experience " usually feels contempt , and sometimes such an event could forget the pleasure of the trip . Then what must be careful to not fall into the trap ? Here are some traps tourists widespread in the world is not always pay attention to them.

Take a licensed taxi - always contact line of taxis and into a taxi stands apart .

In many places, airports and train stations , would approach you and try to " entice " you to rent their taxi services . Usually it Hafrim trying to make you POS . What to do ? To respond and go straight long line of taxis which usually adjacent to the terminal or train station .
Running Counter - If you stopped a random taxi on the street, make sure you follow the driver starts the meter. What if not ? Tell him not to go , stop and then summarize in advance the price. If the price sounds expensive - Take a taxi.
English menu - if you only serve a menu only in English , ask to see the menu in the local language . Sometimes there is a special price list for tourists that far exceeds the norm . If there is only an English menu - this is usually a tourist restaurant with prices accordingly.
Restaurant major tourist place - this is a restaurant ( abattoir ) tourists. We all want to experience the best local food and authentic . Large cities have far away from the centers traveled parts and look for the small restaurant close to residential areas of the locals.
Indigestion - with a sensitive stomach it is recommended to eat only foods boiling and bubbling .
 Subway ride - there are cities where you can buy tickets only through vending machines. Quite a few have encountered none offered courtesy cards later discovered invalid . These " hunters " standing near the ticket machines and sacrifice one's waiting . " What to do ? Buy advance tickets at kiosks that sell them, or buy a central station where there is a sale manually.
Spending money with credit card - never ( ! ) Not assisted random person came to help . In case of emergency only, please contact someone ahead of you and he took money for himself.
Tickets - buy only licensed agencies and profiteers entrance.
Wallet and passport hidden place only - as S"dburim circling around honey " , the pickpockets are in crowded locations . I always warns me to keep travelers wallet and passport in an inside pocket but the clothes ( also stocking a good safe ) . Backpack or purse not put valuable things
The total bills on the floor - have you seen those ? Fantastic! Just make sure that when you bend over to pick them up , someone keeps you from behind.
Private Training - If you want such training , preferably contacted with a guide is recommended before travel . If you are already abroad , contact the local tourist board and they'll turn you guides. Places frequented audience you should contact HP different people with fake tags of guides to hire their services ! Traveling in Portugal revealed S"hmdrich " hired disappeared with the bag his , after they settled together in a restaurant.

Finally, we are confident S"lno it will not happen " but should be treated and should be treated with caution any offer or strange kind directed towards us .