Tattoo Club


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Tattoo place in Thong Sala at the south west side of Koh Phangan.

The head tattoo artist is Den, who tattooing now for 10 years.

The other artist is Mark who has been tattooing now for 3 years.

All work is made only by machine.

Tattoo Club is always open. Don't be afraid of the pitbulls barking, during the day they are all tied up, just feel free to walk in. Ask for Chaba, she's fluent in german and english and will assist you in what you need.


Tattoo Club has been open here at the present place in Thong Sala, Koh Pha Ngan for the past 10 years now. At present we have 5 Tattoo artists and 1 piercer.


The owner and head Tattoo artist of the house is Den, a respected artist who has been tattooing for 12 years now. The other artist is Mark, Den's student, who has been tattooing now for 6 years. Both work only by Machine


The past 5 years they have both worked to come up with a style unique only to Tattoo Club, combining Thai, Japanese and Maori influences. It's a never ending process, always changing as new ideas present itself. Yet both have they're own distinct styles. Den's is more bold and dark, while Mark's style is more soft and organic


We also tattoo in all styles, black and grey or color. If you have your own designs just bring them in and we'd be happy to put it on your skin.


Nang, is one of our Bamboo artists and has been tattooing for 3 years now, she is also the piercer of the house. Working with Nang, is Ood, he does also Bamboo and has been tattooing for more than 10 years now.


Last but not least we have Ajarn Man, who works with Bamboo but only in the Thai traditional protection style. He is very educated in the traditions, scriptures and rituals of this ancient tradition. He has been studying it for many years and is also a very skilled Tattoo artist. Working with Ajarn Man as a skin stretcher is Run, who makes and teaches handmade braided jewelry. He also has a vast knowledge about buddhist amulets and sells it in our shop.


We here are a family of artists who love to share ideas with people. We pride ourselves in doing freehand because we feel we are able to fully merge the tattoo and the skin to flow as one. If you have any ideas you can come in and talk to us and we can help design you the Tattoo you want.


Tattoo Club is not only about Tattoos. Our studio is always open. Everyone is always welcome to come in, if you're interested in getting a Tattoo or if you just want to get out of the sun and relax in our mellow garden. Most of our staff speak English, but if you have difficulty understanding, ask for Mark or Chaba, both are fluent in English and Chaba also speaks German. Anything else get a dictionary ;)


Over the years the Tattoo Club family has grown and is still growing with friends and repeat customers who become friends all adding to our crazy, freaky family. This group is for everyone who has come through our little hole in the street and experienced so much more and for those who will find us in the future. Also for you to see just a little of what goes on here at TATTOO CLUB.

Venue Info
+66 (0)86 269 3523