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Taktfast BeatBoyz

7 Jan

taktfast dj phangan party sramanora Taktfast consists of Tobias Stüve and Michael Rasmusson, born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. taktfast dj phangan party sramanora

They have been involved in the Electronic Dance music scene since the beginning of 2000.
Their influences have a wide spread in the world of music, Breakbeats, Hip-Hop, Classical music and all kind of Electronic music.
Their sound could be explained as dark, funky and percussive.

For several years they hosted a radio show in Sweden aswell as the UK.
They've been spinning around Stockholm but also represented in Thailand, London & Slovenia.

Since 2006 they have had numerous releases on labels in Italy, Spain, Brazil, Austria, Germany, USA and the UK.

Today they are organizing and spinning on Techno events in Stockholm alongside 420Group, Subway Culture and Clubminimal under the name "We Are Techno."

Taktfast and Clubminimal also have their own monthly club called Bass:ment in Stockholm.
Always working on new material in the studio.

Their tracks have been supported by:
Marc De Pulse | Slam | Christian Varela | Dj Lion | Sam Paganini | Christian Cambas | Spartaque | Dema | Flex | Microcheep & Mollo | Bodyscrub | Filterheadz | Markus Schulz | Dj PP | Stevie Wilson | Paco Osuna | Andres Gil | Mario Ochoa | Aitor Ronda | Raul Mezcolanza | Alexey Kotlyar | Angelo Ferreri | Dj Tonio | Sisko Electrofanatik | Kenny Ground | Lissat & Voltaxx | Oscar L | Gaetano Verdi | Max Bett | Sergio Fernandez | Jorge Montia | Robert Stahl | Madhatter | Max Olsen | Paul Baker | Marco Und Der Geigenmann | and more..

Sofie, a good friend of the Taktfast duo made this introduction of the Boys:

This was their DJ story so far.
After their performence at Sramanora Waterfall Party Phanganist made contact to get a piece of their Phangan story too. Thanks for sharing Guys! 

Did you enjoy your New year here?
"We had a great time at Maya beach club, Koh Tao"
Happy New Year and good luck further from Phanganist

taktfast dj party phangan sramanora
One of the two ">Taktfast Guys (Rytmiske pojkar or Rythmic Boys?:o)) Toby, visited Koh Phangan for a gig in Anahata Lounge last year. 

Here they made connections to be sure to come back to Funk Up the Phangan people again. 
They decided to travel to Asia this year since they anyway had some upcoming gigs together.

They played this time here at The Mellow Mountain Bar, Full Moon Party and Sramanora Waterfall Party.
At their last visit they played at Anahata Lounge and the first time at Mellow Mountain Bar.

Which kind of music did you bring in your record bag for Phangan?
Is it the same style you would be playing in Sweden or does the weather actually have an effect on what you choose to play?

"For our gig here we brought some Funky TechHouse and Techno with lots of energy. In Sweden we play a bit more darker on some events, but always with focus on Funk and Swing." 

"We get our inspiration from basically all sorts of music. Every style can inspire us in our productions.
Vlada Asanin, Dema, Olivier Giacamotto and Axel Karakasis to name a few."

dj phangan taktfast srmanoraTo the question about their partner ship compared to other DJ's who normally work alone they responded that they Love to be a Team. "Always supporting each other in doing our best for a good show."

The Guys said about Phangan that it is an awesome place with great partys and venues. So far their favourite places are Jungle Experience, Sramanora Waterfall, Anahata Lounge, Guys Bar, Backyard and Mellow Mountain Bar.

Phanganist asked what they feel to this point has been the best thing they have done or been involved with.
To that they replied that releasing on one of their favourite labels, Stefano Noferinis Deeperfect Records was at the Top this moment. Their track Abstract made it to #87 on the Beatport Techno Top 100!

"Our main goal is to make a living on our Music. To start our own Label."

"This year we will be working hard in the studio and continue with our monthly club back in Stockholm"

Do you see yourself playing on Phangan in 10 years from now? Or where do you see yourself then?
Sure, we hope to be playing on Phangan in 10 years from now!
Maybe on one of our Thailand tours.Yes of course we do. Maybe a Thailand tour..

phangan party dj sramanora taktfast

dj phangan party taktfast sramanora

Before we end the interview with Golden theories of Life philosophies, we wanted to know if our interview had been satisfying or just strange to them. To our happiness we were not among the strangest questions that anyone ever asked them. If fact, very far from. The strangest question they had ever been asked was instead:
"Can you play something with Stevie Wonder?" ...  At a gig were they played pretty hard Techno ...

Last but not the least Guys, how do you believe a good life is lived? 
"Stay humble, respect others and do the things you love!"




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