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SUP Yoga


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SUP Yoga with Nadine on Charm Beach

Your teacher on the water is Koh Phangan Fitness girl no. 1!

nadine sup yoga classes

Nadine, a Swedish Viking on Phangan. 
Founder and trainer/teacher of Phangan Bootcamp & Yoga. Watch the bounty beach beautiful movie from one of her new SUP Yoga classes and check out the gallery from same class. Amazing scenery for a yoga class! 
Nadine has done everything from gymnastics, dancing, soccer, American football, basketball, boxing and crossfit.

She believe it's experience and knowledge that makes a good teacher. 

"After my gymnastic and dancing years, and my constant search for inner peace, it came natural to fall into the practice of yoga. The yoga I teach is a modified form of Ashtanga and very suitable for beginners. When I did my teacher training I pushed myself too hard trying to reach perfection and got very injured and that made me very humble. I modify the sequence a lot to be able to reach out to a bigger crowd."

To spice it up a bit, and use all the elements on this island, Nadine now practice and teach on water as well!
On a surf board! SUP Yoga is the new thing and completely new to this island.

A great workout and a lot of fun.


Everyone is welcome any day for any of her classes!"

SUP Yoga on Wednesdays at 9am.

Classes outside the schedule, group or one on one, available per booking:)

Nadine say;
"My friend Dani (Dj Dani V), the owner of Phangan SUP and Phangan Kite, just started a guided paddle board trip to the island Koh Tae.

Also, the sunsets on the board are beyond this world.

To watch the day come to an end out on the water with Koh Phangan in the back ground is just worth everything.

Reminds you why you are here and doing what you love even though you are always semi-broke!

I'm currently studying to get my PT (personal trainer) fitness license.
Anyone can learn how to use machines at a fitness gym but I want to be more then that.
The human body is so complex and I want to study and learn every part of it. I use my lifetime of knowledge and experience in sports I have dedicated my time to."


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