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SpaceBrothers tuning Koh Phangan

14 Apr

kosma solarius half moon party dj phangan spacebrothersKosma Solarius & Jens Zygar are together The SpaceBrothers

Together with their friends as guest artists they created a magical show of planetary-tuned tones!

It was on the 18th of January at the Half Moon festival and Kosta’s cosmic clock was ticking on the visuals from Sweet Hee-jeong while their breathtaking performance was vibrating the audience into a fine tuning of planetary frequencies!

Their Greek Friend Alexandros Karsiotis, was toning and tuning to the compilations of Mr. Cooks saxophone, Juan Carlos flute playing, Pete Keartons el-guitar and Jens Zygars percussions and the absolutely amazing Gongs together with Kosma Solarius's Electronic Tunes. Not forgetting the Sweet Phon in her Cosmic TranceDance.

With his amazing throat singing Alexis vibrated the crowd.
With a Shamanistic feeling he managed to spell bind most of the audience and make everyone feel like he was telling each one a exactly the story they needed to hear right now.

- A personal experience in the midst of the big orchestra co-operation of sound, technique, dance and vibrations.

The Beautiful & Sweet Phon dancing in a flow of white skirts and rhythmic harmonic moves.
All together in Cosmic Tribal Psychedelic Electronica the SpaceBorthers in-tuned the Half Moon festival audience to Gaya herself!kosma solarius dj phangan party half moon

SpaceBrothers is an open concept and they are happy to invite other musicians into their show!
Their vision is to improvise and connect intuitively!

Intuitively they have to play a according to each other that day, of course with a bit of help from Kosma Solarius, the Conductor!

Kosma is also Kosta and as his double name could imply he has more than one job in the orchestra.

He is the Conductor of the orchestra with a good ear for everything that goes on stage. Behind his electronic equipment he will pass keys and notes and different themes. Beside of that he is also the programmer & the creator of their sound designs.

Kosta was born in Bavaria (Germany) and he is a Sweet mix - half Greek half German.
He has been living on Koh Phangan since December 2007. These days very focused on music production and software development. The imaginative creator of the cosmic clock as well!
Kosma Solarius Chill Out:

Jens Zygar is the GongMaster!
He is a percussionist and an amazing musician.
Jens performed also with The Star sound Orchestra with his Gongs. On the Right is the video from "Let the Sunshine in" with Lionel Williams

Star Sound Orchestra has for many years been famous for their Planatary tone theories.
This reporter was very lucky and caught them back in 2006 at the opening of the Boom festival in Portugal. Absolutely Amazing Show! 

Now Jens is the Gong-sorcerer of the Brothers!

spacebrothers half moon jam pete dj party phangan
Pete Kearton the guitar player is also a producer from England.
You can also enjoy his talent most Saturdays at The Jam in Hin Kong area.

carlos half moon dj spacebrothers phangan party
Juan Carlos Larish Salamanca is from Spain and he plays the flute like a God, is the word on the streets, and at The Half Moon Party it was a very impressive performance for sure!

half moon phangan party spacebrothers dj
The Italian percussionist with his full power from Samui's Bata Duo.
half moon spacebrothers dj phangan party
Ritthichai Timjorn "Cook" is a Thai saxophone player with professional education. Kosta told me that he believes he is one of the best ones he knows!

half moon phangan party spacebrothes dj Alexandros Karsiotis, the throat singer, is also a producer. He brought the first musicians from Greece and India together in a musical connection. He has a great musical back ground as a base for his throat singing!

The Beautiful dancer Phon made the visuals even more amazingspacebrothers half moon party dj phangan

After a very comfortable conversation and chill talk with Jens and Kosta in Wok Tum Bay here on Phangan, the feeling of the Space Brothers Minds and visions were very profound and very loving!!

It was a small journey into a deep knowledge of the mathematical and musical spectrums of Life and Creation itself.

Kosta came to this island in 1999 and from the moment he put his foot on the ground he loved the place.
When he saw the Half Moon festival space he immediately suggested to Jao that they invite Star Sound Orchestra.
The space and the place are perfect for this performance and this sound.

In his search for the Star Sound he found his Space Brothers!
The Space Brothers was founded in 2001 by Jens and Kosta.
spacebrothers half moon phangan party dj kosma solarius

The tone we traditionally tune into today is no more than an agreed-upon tuning system. 

This is – by the way – different from place to place.
We have 3 tuning tones we use in the west as an example and then you have yet another tuning tone in China f.ex.
It is no more than an agreed-upon note!
Why not use the Earth as the Tuning tool?
The rotation of Earth which makes the frequency, the megahertz, multiply the octaves until the first possible hear-able sound and Woop Woop – you got your tuning tone!

A small basic update on how it works with the Cosmic Octave Tuning:

example EARTH YEAR:

- the earth rotation around the sun is 365.24219879 days.
- converting of the days into seconds and using the formula 1/second=Hz
- the resulting frequency is too low to hear it, so we octave
- to octave means - double the frequency
- for example the Earth Year is octaved 32 times til we can hear it in the middle range of our hearing at 136.1 Hz.

This is it...
When we have this frequency we can easily figure out which key it is - Earth year is a C# for example and the tuning for the instrument would be a1=432.1 Hz

You can read about it under: (also in english!!!) 

In order for the musicians to play with it they have to tune their instruments in the same way.
The rest is the same... you can tune any kind of song or music in a cosmic way.
This does not change the rules of music.

It is not as you might think - they do not have to play all in the same key.
All the keys will be tuned into the planetary frequency.

Many people think it is about changing keys f.ex.
It is just tuning them higher or lower, so they get in resonance with the natural frequencies.

Each key on an piano for example has an +-15Hz playground to tune until the next tone is there. spacebrothers halfmoon party phangan dj kosma solariius
This is a lot.
All together 30Hz range to play with -  it is a wide range and you can clearly hear the difference of an standard tuned C# or the C# of the Earth Year - which is the OM tone !!! 
- Throat Chakra - and have the colour blue green.

So - for the tone we octave only about 30 times, but for the colour you octave a bit longer to end up in billion Hz range - which is the spectral colour range what we can see with our eyes.

Kosma Solarius created what he calls a Cosmic Clock.
The cosmic clock shows the key of the hour and its colour, the Zodiac sign and the element and the chakras as well.

It starts 6 o'clock in the morning with the key F# - color RED, the root chakra.
And the day ends at 6pm - PINK - crown chakra.
From 6pm to 6am it goes back down the rainbow colors and chakras and keys.

Check the clock for this and you will see.

For easy use Kosta also made a calculator for this. 

This way you can calculate for a period what the frequency of that period will be and make your tunings after this. 

The Brothers did many projects with this in mind.
They had painters painting with the music who was only allowed to use the colour of the hour.
This came out very interesting. It is very powerful tooling and many new things are discovered through the awareness of this!

This concept of Earth tuning and frequencies is not for everyone. – or it is – but this reporter had many encounters of dis-believers and many endless discussions of the real science of this project.

Sound and vibration is according to this theory all we are!
We are but a vibration in the big mass of space fabric.
If we are not in tune with Earthy frequencies, sickness, mental or physical, is harassing our spacesuits, the human bodies.

Sound healing is a tool they strongly believe in as well.
Today the Cosmic Octave is the basis for many holistic medical applications.
It is origin to natural planetary tones, which directly correlate to the earth's natural life frequencies.
These are utilized, for instance, in tone acupuncture using planetary tuning forks.

Tone acupuncture is a beneficial deep cell massage at high frequencies to restore the body cells' natural resiliency. It permeates the entire body including inner organs, instantly resulting in deep relaxation and well being. Tuning forks can be self-applied at home, in the office, or during travel.

By using the vibration of the tuning forks you can correct your own tuning and help to cure many diseases.
Even the word DIS EASE is a small clue into this.
It doesn’t mean you are sick, just that your body is at Dis ease at this particular moment.
By using the vibration of the natural frequency and simply apply it to your body you can succeed to EASE the body again and regain conformability!

Table for keys, beats pr. minut, Hz, pitch, planets, years and frequencies!
spacebrothers kosma solarius half moon phangan party

SpaceBros, thank you for all your information.
Now this reporter needs a small simplification to be sure that these abstract imagines can be fully comprehended.

  • The colour emerge when you raise the octave from the Earth tone ..
  • An Octave means to double the frequency.
  • The hear-able tone occurs when you raise the octave about 30 times and for the colour you need to raise it even more ... with a billion hz .. and that is where the ... sound becomes  light or colour.
    - sound that we can hear is in the 30th octave. If it is about Earth year and light (colour) its higher. It is all the same material.
  • Sound and light is exactly the same stuff - just in different frequency ranges... our body can receive sound with the ears and light with the eyes. Thats the only difference.
  • It is called Electromagnetic Energy - the whole world is made of this stuff - all is one soup - all the same stuff.

Its also a part of The theory of limited trancendence.
The soundwave ... where the top point breaks out and only a FEW photons brakes free and become light.

Did I get that right?
According to both Jens and Kosta this is a correct simplifying of the facts!

During the Venus passage on june 2012  they created a planetary concert in resonance with the astronomical constellation of this special moment.

This perfect alignement between sun, the source of life and the venus, the principle of love and harmony, and earth, our actual homebase initiitated  a quantum jump for humanity.

Kosma Solarius and his team synchronized at the Top Rock bar on Ko Phangan while Jens and the Star Sounds Orchestra performed with the same tunes and frequencies patterns  in germany.
Some  very interesting recordings documented this unique cosmic music.
Kosma Solarius venus-transit at Top Rock on Koh Phangan:


The Venus Transit Live on June 6 in 2012

Their vision is to to do many more planetary tuned concerts at special locations all over the planet. Be sure to stay updated in order to get the date for their first concert on planet mars.

Jens live gong playing at pergamon temple Berlin

The newest invention from the Brothers is the Aqua Sound Robot.
Tuned in with Earth and Water you can bring this floating device with you while swimming.
Perfect for water meditations, depression relieve and of course tuning in the body to an EASE ;)

If you want to catch the Spacey Brothers on Phangan you can enjoy them at both Bay Lounge and at The Half Moon Festival.

Saturday the 26th of January the Brothers will perform with their Gongs and Tunes again in the Bay Lounge Resort. 

The sweet crew of SpinTwistRecords will also be there to express their visions!

Space-Brothers will play regularly cosmic-chill-in at Bay Lounge resort every Saturday
The guest musician will change and a more ambient style will be played.

Monday the 28th in Orion Healing Center, Jens and Kosta will make a Sound Work shop which will get around these subjects.
Guided GonG meditations and other spiritual and healing events will be available to participate in the next months on this island as well.
They will also perform again at the upcoming Half Moon on the 2nd of February.

Every Thursday will be a gong meditation at sunset from 5:30 pm at Orion healing center
Jens will be the Guide all of January and from February Kosma Solarius will do the honour!

Phanganist is very happy to share their story here and hope that everyone will take some time to look into this way of thinking!
It is interesting information that can only add to anyone’s understanding of Life, Creation and All that Is .. or were !

Thank YOU for the Tones and Tunes and for the Love that you bring to this calculation of life !!!
- We Greet Your Mind in awe!!!


Half Moon Crew of SpaceBrothers & guests artist.
Photo Gallery from the Half Moon Festival on 18th of January 2013
spacebrothers half moon dj phangan party




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