Robert and The Jam

24 Apr 2021

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This meeting melting pot of Musicians from all over this planet and beyond!
Jamming the Sweetest Beach Jams that any Paradise Island could ever Boogie up with!!

This is the original Live Music venue of Koh Phangan.

Phanganist had a small verbal jam session with Robert from The Jam, which is how everyone knows him these days. “Robert from the Jam

We asked him how it all began:
“I used to sing in a band in Holland and being in Thailand for a while missed all that so the idea to start a band came to mind.
The only problem is that starting a band here is next to impossible as most musicians kept coming and going.
So the idea of jamming with friends on the beach came to mind.

When did you start to make The Jam a reality?
So one day almost 6 years ago it started.
Not as a bar, but just a little wooden platform on the beach where we could place the amps and gear without them getting covered in the sand.
Over time more people & musicians turned up and thought it would be a nice idea if we had some drinks too.

How did it develop over time?
A little bar was build next to the "stage"
When rain struck a little roof was build over the stage and The Jam was born!
We started with about 15 people and now in high season, it’s many more! So you could say it started as a hobby which turned out to be a lot of fun! Lots of good musicians and good vibes all around.

How do you feel about it today? 
It's great to do, and very cool when people thank me for making this possible.
It's still a hobby, although these days the amount of cables and gear that has to be connected each week almost turns it into a job ))”

Rob is a super kind man and when you come to The Jam you will also find it a super kind experience. Open Hearted people with all kinds of talents. Playing instruments, Singing, Rocking, Rapping, and Dancing.

The music style can go from Funk, Blues Rock Tribal, to all else that musicians like to play.

The atmosphere is very happy and sweet. A nice crowd, all to enjoy and play along with the jamming band on stage. Young new upcoming performers mixed with a good older crew make it a very varied experience. Super Openhearted "cause the scene is open for all and however, you feel to perform. Everyone, there would either like to entertain or be entertained and lots of friends from the currently jamming band will always be in the audience to make it an, even more, happier crowd.

You are always welcome to perform Live Jam Sessions with them every Saturday night on their open stage.
They have great equipment & instruments available for play @ the Jam! They have the full setup with Drum Kit, Electric guitar, Bass, synth, Bongos, and Open Mics!
Always feel free to bring your own instruments.

Check out the Phanganist event list for upcoming events and Jams!

This Jam has been full of a very talented musician every time Phanganist have set foot in there. A good crowd of people dancing and enjoying the live music.
A bar with all you need in a very comfortable environment. More than a Jam session it has become a Jam Party.

They also make BBQ from sunset time in high seasons, so if you feel to make a full Date, Dinner, and Dance out of it, this is a very good option!

Absolutely recommendable for a good night’s session of Live Jamming on the Beach!

If you like this way of the party so much that you would like to be around it all your time here, you can choose to stay in accommodation close to the Jam @ Chillresort, they provide very sweet bungalows just 5 min from The Jam.

See you on the beach while Jamming ))

Live on the beach @ The Jam Phangan!
Right on the beach in Hin Kong on the west side of Phangan. 10 min. from the city Thong Sala.

Robert Jam Koh Phangan