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Red Cube hostel Koh Phangan

29 Jun


Just in the right spot between Thong Sala and Baan Tai the Red Cube Hostel and Guesthouse is the perfect place hang out. It’s easy to find and very easy to see from the main road. Why? Because it is a big Red Cube! 

Simple to say, the Red Cube is located in Baan Tai walking distance from Thong Sala village, further directions can always be obtained from the website, we assure you it is THAT easy!
When you enter The Cube you immediately get surrounded by the warm orange light beaming from the walls and lamps hanging down from the sealing. The cozy atmosphere welcomes you to get chillaxed in one of its comfortable couches. It could be with the laptop you brought with you to make a short chat with friends back home if you should be so lucky to find a wireless heaven somewhere on your way around.
Since you did, you just as well sit down, order a drink, and see whatever else that might be; a holiday cocktail, a sweet melon shake, a glass of milk for your date or maybe (another) cold beer.
The bar is very affordable and well equipped with friendly service that makes you feel that you belong. Most of the day, people hang out there, using the wireless, running away from the heat outside to the chilling air con and hanging at the bar with cold beers and juices. During the evenings the place hosts different events such as live music or DJs playing chill out music at the sweet orange hang out place.

Red Cube Accomodation

Should you choose, or if you are having problems leaving this small get-away, they offer rooms from 250 Baht to 350 Baht per night. You can choose between fan or air con room and, of course, all the rooms are equipped with hot showers. They also offer you a bed in a dormitory and if you are traveling alone it can be a very nice place to stay “because you are guarantied to meet and stay with new friends here.” This is possible for only 109 Baht per night.
When you wake up in your room in the Red Cube the next day it is nice to know that just 5 minutes away you can enjoy one the beautiful sandy beaches of Baan Tai or some of the swimming pools nearby. 
Delicious food will be easy to find everywhere from this very local spot. Thong Sala is so close with all the various ammenities a city can provide and walking down the beach will take you to all the sweet resort’s restaurants and that’s not even mentioning the Café in Red Cube!
A short walk from the Baan Tai beaches and a Red Cube crew who will gladly help you with any questions about what there is to see on island, there are a lot of cool spots, this you can believe for sure!

Koh Phangan is well known as a party place and at the hostel you will find the daily info about all the upcoming events – most of it is happening only a 10-15 minute drive from the hostel. If you want to visit one of Phangan's worlds famous parties you can get help to arrange a taxi service which is 24 hours a day. Before going out though, you might want to enjoy the pre-party at Red Cube that happens before every party on the island. 

Feel welcome anytime!
Contact at:
Phone:  +66 (0)80 532 1808+66 (0)82 275 6199

Go to hang out or to stay for a while.
It’s up to you. ☺

They will be Happy to see you!



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