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NAQ .. A freak 4 Rythms

29 Sep 2012

Naq - I freak da rhytme
Naq - I freak da rhytme
NAQ is currently the resident at FUSION CLUB in Lamai, Koh Samui, Thailand where he every monday night “freak da rhythm” for the past 4 years.

It all began in  the year of 1990 when he started spinning in  his hometown (Aywaille) in Belgium. In September of 1997 he travelled to South Africa to play at the Desert Storm Festival. It was 1000 km south of Johannesburg. He spent the next 5 years traveling all over Africa.

It was in Johannesburg that he learned from a friend, who is also a producer, how to use many different types of music software. “These 5 years in South Africa were one of the best experiences as a Dj” - NAQ tell us.

This was when he came up with the concept for "I Freak Da Rhytm" and then bounced back to Belgium in 2002 where he continued to create music and produce parties under his new concept for the next 2 years. In September of 2004 he was booked to play for only 1 month in Chengdu, China. Through contacts made in his first month in China he  was booked to play for the next 4 years. 

In November of 2008 NAQ moved to Koh Samui, Thailand and here he  was booked to be resident DJ in Monkey Bay Beach Bar in Chaweng and Fusion Club in Lamai. While in Koh Samui he played many beach parties, clubs and festivals such as Re-Earth. He have worked closely with the Re-Earth team for 2011 and 2012 and is proud to see the festival grow year after year. 

NAQ have also travelled to Koh Tao and Koh Phangan for Full moon parties. In November of 2010 he travelled back to Koh Samui to reclaim his spot as resident DJ at Fusion Club and Monkey Bar. After 7 years away returning home to Belgium, where he played clubs like Fuse ,City Parade and, Francoffolies and Sunday garden parties for the next 6 weeks.

DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme
DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme

Back to Koh Samui again where he continued at Fusion Club Monday nights. Contacted by Daniele (Billo Music) and they decided to start working on "Koh Samui Feeling". 

They started work on "koh Samui Feeling" in September 2011 and after touring and playing in more than 20 countries over 20 years finally he released his first album "Koh Samui Feeling" in February of 2012. 

Currently working on a new production which he say he hope to release in late 2012. He is also working on setting new tour dates and always working on playing music to make the people move.


HI Naq,thank you for agreeing to make this interview. We appreciate your story! 

You have been playing a lot on Koh Phangan. What is your Koh Phangan story? 
The first time I visited the Ko Phangan Full Moon Party was in 2006 when I came here on holiday. This time I was playing at the Fusion club. Since 2008 i have been playing on different venues like Full moon & Backyard

DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme
DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme

Which projects have you been involved with before?
I lived in China for 4 years and that was 1 big tour…
When the Fusion Club on Koh Samui started to Book me to play on the New Year party 2009 they also asked me to stay on as a resident DJ there.
I organize an “I Freak Da Rhytme Night” every Monday there now.
I am also a part of the Team of the Re-earth Festival on Koh Samui for the past 2 years.  

Next events on Phangan?
Have been playing here at the Jungle Experience party and will be playing again on the 29th this month!

You are both Dj and Producer. What music do you produce and what music do you play?
I have been traveling since 1992.
I have lived and played in many different countries and everywhere I had to adapt my music to the people who lived there.
Generally playing Tech House, Progressive, House, Deep House.  
I made my first track in South Afrika in 1997.
I learned from my friend how to use all the programs for making music.
After producing music in China, my first album just came out this year in Thailand. It is called the "Koh Samui Feeling" Billo Music (Label) .
A new release will be out very soon on Digital memory which is a brand new House music label from New York.   

DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme
DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme

How do you feel about DJ’ing in Asia compared to Europe, or Belgium where you come from?
I played in Thailand, China , Macao, Hong Kong, Indonesia and I have enjoyed all these parties.
A good thing about Asia Clubs are that there is no limit for the volume like we have in Europe.

Where and Who do you get your inspiration from? 
I probably found inspiration when I was the 1st time in Club Boccaccio Temple of the House in 1989.
This is where I really fell in Love with the Electronic music.  

What are your next projects on Phangan and around the world?
A new release on Digital memory label NY  and I am currently working on a new album "Koh Samui Feeling 2 "    Where do you think The Phangan Scene is headed? I like the scene here a lot.
People are coming for the music and for the party.
Here is many different styles and genres of Events and music. Some venues here are more Underground than others. 

DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme
DJ Naq - I freak da rhytme

You call yourself “I Freak Da Rythme .. why ;o) ? 
While living in Johannesburg, South Africa in the end of 1997 I was working with my friend Martin in the studio on my first track.
Once it was finished all that was left was to come up with a name.

At the time we had a bit of a language barrier with Martin only speaking English and me only speaking French. My idea for the name for the track was "Afrique the rhythm ".

I could not explain properly to Martin and he understood me as saying "I Freak Da Rhytme'.

After coming to an understanding I decide to keep "I Freak Da Rythme" as a concept for all of my music and party promotions to come.




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