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12 Feb

Today is the full moon day, the November full moon, just before the high season starts, just before the road between Baan Tai and Thong Sala will become very busy and hard to cross, at least for 2 months, till its get empty and less stressed again.


Now it is also not a good time moving to a new place. House owners after being waited in their empty resorts and lands start calculating the big profit they are going to make at the next quarter and putting in a long timer does not seem tempting as it will be in 2-3 months.
It is a bit deceiving the high season expectations.
There is a gap between the amount of houses and bungalows available at the Island and the real amount of visitors.
As same as in Samui and Puket, the development was extremely fast and the amount of visitors did not climb at the same rate.
Ko Phangan is luckier as it has the Full Moon Festival once a month. This event attracts a lot of visitors that might have chose to skip visiting this island, if this occasion would not have been taking place.
After checking all these impacts and verify what the status of house occupancy in the Island really is, you find out that beside the new year week and the 4 days of December and January full moon, there are a lot of places empty.

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