Honey Table Fashion show at Mer Ka Ba

12 Feb 2021

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merkaba-party-kohphangan, honey table, nikki powell
Up close and personal with the Honey Table Dream Team!

Islanders get ready for some seriously sweet honey!
Honey Table are here and ready to do what they do best…fashion, fun, music and party!

They are offering to give you lucky islanders a cheeky glimpse of their latest collection in the style of a fabulous ‘party showroom’. 

Hosted by exclusive venue; Mer ka ba Beach Club

- and supported by top DJs 

Peter GJohnny Acrobat and Tribal Sky;

This is an event you don’t want to miss. 

Honey Table is here and it’s the store we have all been waiting for.

mer ka ba, fashion show, honey table, phanganFrom colourful, riotous prints to edgy and unique headwear, the Honey Table Store is brazen with more mouth watering fashion garments than you could ever wish for. Quirky faux fur loafers, exquisite vintage dresses, sexy, chic heels and ultra-hip custom made fashion tees are just a taste of the show stopping items to be showcased at the party.

We’ve seen the HoT stickers and read the Honey Table flyers, but to understand the true nature of this exclusive brand, Phanganist have decided to get up close and personal with the Honey Table team. 

Honey Table is not just a fashion store, so let’s find out more…

Meet the Dream Team!

Sweet as candy Zoya, age 24, has been working in the fashion industry for eight years. She spent the last two years in Bangkok collaborating ideas and making contacts with fashion designers across Asia, including Japan.  Pocket sized Zoya is now the head fashion stylist and founder of Honey Table.

The fierce and sassy Tanu, 28, perfected her skills working as an event producer on a number of events in Moscow, including public, business and corporate events. She is the producer of HoT.

Yaroslava, 28, is Honey Table’s modestly brilliant photographer. Taking inspiration from her favourite Russian photographer, she is a dedicated fashion photographer of 15 years.

The dedicated dream team, who are based in Bangkok’s bustling centre, work alongside representatives in Koh Phangan promoting and running the entire of Honey Table’s services themselves. And in just three short months of working together, they are celebrating a successful party showroom in the big city.

Now our island party girls have chosen to return to Koh Phangan’s tropical shores to show us how delicious Honey Table is. There is certainly a lot more than what meets the eye with this tasty, unstoppable trio.

An Interview with Tanu and Zoya…

So how did the Honey Table dream team come about? How did you girls meet?

We met in true Koh Phangan style! We were sharing a truck over the mountain to Guy’s Bar earlier this year. I was in a bad mood and Zoya was in the truck being super chatty – too much for me. But then we made friends and I realized she was super nice – and so me!

Zoya: Yes, we started to party together and then Tanu decided to come stay with me at my apartment in Bangkok. Living in such close quarters, sharing a one-bedroom apartment we taught each other about space and discipline. We made friends fast experiencing everything together – highs and lows in business and life.

mer ka ba, honey table, fashion show, nikki powell, party, phangan

Tanu: Zoya and I don’t look alike, but we’re like twins! In our attitude towards business and making a success, our behavour – I see myself in her.

Zoya: We decided to work together once I discovered Tanu’s asset to the business, we decided to go deeper in to a partnership.
Because Yaroslava was already involved through our photo shoots, the dream team fell into place. Together we discovered it’s not only about business; it’s about our life also. It’s cool.

Tanu: We have worked together only three months but it already feels like three years.

Nice! And so Honey Table was born!

We love the HoT logo – it looks awesome. Who came up with the name, Honey Table?

: Well its funny -I was having breakfast with my Thai boyfriend at the time and he asked me ‘Where is the honey?’ I was frustrated he asked me such a question and fired back, ‘Honey on the table!’

After we laughed, thinking the name Honey Table was so yummy and scrumptious - maybe the name of a DJ or something. But then when I started fashion buying and setting up photo shoots; the name Honey Table fit perfect. We are Honey Table.

Ok, so we get the feeling Honey Table is much more than a brand. Tell us, what is Honey Table?

: Everything delicious! We can share and communicate with people. Honey is our super yummy collection and we are the table; the platform for fashion and all things scrumptious.

Tanu: We organize events; work in fashion production, collaborating with interesting brands and designers, we make music and parties, work with fashion magazines…Honey Table are a yummy fashion and  lifestyle service.

Zoya: Honey Table is amazing! We do so many different things. We love style, we love fashion, we love music and we love parties. I speak with European magazines about our shoots and our label. Can you imagine?!

Sounds awesome! So what can we expect from the ‘Party Showroom’ at Mer ka ba?

: Expect only the best of everything! We are the cherry on your birthday cake. We organized a fabulous party with our favourite DJs playing; Peter G Phangan, Johnny Acrobat and Misha Tribal Sky.

mer ka ba, honey table, fashion show, nikki powell, party, phangan mer ka ba, fashion show, honey table, nikki powell, party, phangan

So get ready to dance!

Zoya: There will be drinking, dancing and high quality fashion! We have perfect quality dresses and hats from Japanese designers and our own chic and cheeky collection of custom made one-off T-shirts, which we custom designed by hand.

Tanu: We made our products with love and we are super excited to share this with everybody. No matter what size the wallet – there is something for everybody. Our prices start from just 500THB and go as much as 4,000THB.

We will also give out super yummy treats as gifts – HoT pots of homemade honey for each buying customer.
It must have taken a lot of work to pull off such an event in just three months…

Tanu: Yes, but we realize -  we are always happy when partying so if we collaborate our fashion showroom with a party – there is no reason why we cannot be a success and throw an awesome party.
A lot of preparation was necessary.
There were so many times when Zoya and I would sit up all night long making our T-shirts. We custom make our shirts with bows, bold prints and pins. We actually used over 7,000 safety pins in our Koh Phangan collection alone!

It’s hard work. We are lucky, our photographs always turn out so good - the models flawless; the clothes just divine, but it’s not always so glamorous behind the scenes!
If you check the Honey Table facebook page, you will find behind the scenes photographs of the team’s fashion shootings.

honey table, mer ka ba, fashion show, nikki powell, phangan, party

So what services does the Honey Table team provide?

: Honey Table is scrumptious; it’s our passion, can you imagine? It’s not about selling clothes for us. It’s about quality, style, and making connections through what we love.

Tanu: We want to promote and share everything from art, music, fashion; anything you want. Honey Table promotes lifestyle as a creative avenue – we can all choose to play the game.

Aside from the Party Showroom at Mer ka ba, what else is in store for Honey Table in the future?

Tanu: We have put together our entire designer collection, including our custom made pin T-shirts, we organized models and fashion shoots and our new collection photographs will be on the website soon. We like to involve everyone in our projects and work with our surroundings. Honey buyers can be models or write on our blog. Anything is possible.

Zoya: We’re also super excited about recent contacts made regarding our fashion shoots. We’ve made connections with further Japanese designers and European fashion magazines.

Awesome girls, thanks for taking the time to meet us. Any last words?

: Honey Table is not about modesty. We are bold, chic, creative and confident. Our team represents what we live our lives by. We are powerful women and we will showcase this through our awesome parties and unique style.

Our advice is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid. We love what we do and do it passion.
It doesn’t matter – if you do something sincerely you will find your audience – this is the way.

Be confident – trust yourself and what you love and go with it!

Thanks ladies! We’ll see you at the Party Showroom!

Welcome to the Mer ka ba Beach Club on Monday 19th August from 5 pm onwards

mer ka ba, fashion show, honey table, nikki powell, party, phangan

Honey Table will showcase their services with a fabulously authentic ‘Party Showroom’.
Ladies and gents are welcome to try and buy while watching the sunset over Samui. Swim, drink and dance the night away at this exclusive event.

Come along and meet the HoT team. These girls are chic, cheeky and unique.

Look out for what’s in store this coming season. Visit Honey Table HERE




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