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Five tips to Koh-Phangan Party fans

18 May 2011

1. Haad Rin is not the only place to party in Koh-Phangan. Go out of Haad Rin to the big and especially to the small ones.

2. Don’t get into a fight with the locals, usually it ends badly.
Just let it go and stay away.
3. Every big party has an after party, sometime even better than the main one. You can also combine between both.
4. To the big parties that continue till morning, sometime it is nice to arrive around sunrise. In many cases it’s the best part of it and you cam continue directly to the after.
5. Especially during the Full Moon party, if a Thai lady starts dancing with you and get too near and too passionate without any special reason, in most of the cases it is not your Mojo, you just being robbed.
More Tips, Ideas, poems and elightments are welcome..