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Fire dancer

28 Apr 2012

My name is Cyncyrie, but for fire purposes you can call me Cynful ;)  Born in California, raised in Oregon.  Currently residing in Norway, but part of my heart will always be in Thailand.  My blood is about half Mexican, dash of Norwegian, and the rest is pure fire!!

How long are you living in Koh Phangan, and why you decide to make this island your home?
I stayed on the island for about 6 months.  I was living in Bangkok and the flood hit my house so I thought to myself, “Time for an island vacation!”  Long story short, got a fire job, then another, then I just couldn’t part with the fickle beauty of the island.

Why and how you decide to become a fire artist?
Since I was a child, I have been a pyro.  Always playing with candles and lighting things on fire and getting into trouble for it.  But a few years back I had a bad motorbike accident and my right knee was terribly injured.  I started my poi practice as a way to rehabilitate my body slowly and have fun doing it. Lighting them on fire was a natural step, maybe a week after I picked up sock poi I was buying my first bottle of petrol for spinning (incidentally NEVER use petrol).  The more I played the healthier and stronger I became.  Started to play with more toys other than poi; staff, double staff, rope dart, hula hoop.  Haven’t played fire hoop- but that is my next goal!

What Parties and events you perform in?
Jungle Experience, Full Moon (all up and down the beach), Half Moon, Loi Lay floating bar party one lovely Sunday night, Great Bay Resort, Ban Sabaii Acid Moon, special Birthday performances for my good friends (P’Ying, Peter & also P’Toy),my front yard :)

Best Party you've been in Koh Phangan?My favorite party and a place I also consider home; Jungle Experience.  The owners and all the staff made me feel welcome in their Jungle Tribe since my first performance with them.  After many parties there, soo many good times, and months of getting to know all the people involved, I can honestly say that I haven’t ever seen anything like it and I have come out the other side thoroughly Jungle Experienced!!! :D

What is next for you after you leave the island?
Just arrived to Norway with my beau, Jarl-Christian, and I feel at home already.  Was not an easy decision to leave Phangan but I will definitely be back!  Hopefully I will be performing at the Distortion Festival in Copenhagen, Denmark (from May 30th-June 3rd).  As soon as the rain passes here in Norway I will be hitting the streets of Oslo and chatting with my friends to play private parties.  If all goes well I might hop around Europe with my fire pack and see where I end up :D

In your wildest dreams, where would you like your fire career to go?My goal is to start my own business selling practice equipment, glow toys, fire equipment, fire clothing, and also giving lessons.  I want to base it on the internet with a shop Thailand in the beginning. If my dreams come true I will eventually have many shops around the world.  But first thing is first, I need to build up my name; Cynful ;D