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Rony the owner of Enjoy Sandwich Bar arrived to Koh Phangan first time few years ago for an holiday. It took her about a day to fall in love.... She visited Koh Phangan 3 more times and never wanted to go back home.

"On my 3rd visit, a friend of mine asked me: "so why don't you move there?" and i just said: "Why not?" I love in Phangan the calm atmosphere. I love the view I have when i wake up. The island is so beautiful but most people don't know that. I love how nobody judge you here, for nothing and as long as you don't hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want and nobody will look at you like you are wrong."

Rony's favorite place is Haadrin. "I just love it here. It has nice, beautiful beaches all around, the atmosphere is always happy and it's never boring here, never too quiet. Wellalmost never... :)"

Rony has few parties she likes to go to such as Fubar, Loi Lay, Lighthouse, Maya Party, Backyard and Merkaba. "These are my top 5 . All have special locations, great music and always the best djs.".

Her favorite dj is with no doubt Darragh Casey! but she is adding "There are so many good djs here, sometimes I'm party exhausted.".

Rony decided to open a sandwich shop cause there are non here. "Many people said they miss a good and fresh cheese sandwich.".

The concept is fresh and tasty sandwiches and a "make your own" fresh salad bar. There are various kinds of cheese, some home made, all really good, and the bread gets its final baking on the spot and is always fresh and crunchy.


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