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Boy's Talk .. The DJ Boyonic Movie

30 Sep 2012

DJ Boyonic (Thailand) or in short Boy, is one of the most popular DJs on Koh Phangan island. 

He is a resident DJ at the famous Halfmoon festival for the last 6 years and at the main Fullmoon Festival afterparty in Backyard.

Born in Surat Thani, the main land near Koh Phangan island, Boy came to Phangan following a friend from Koh Tao and fell in Love with the island charm.  

We caught him for this movie interview in between the parties about 2 days after the Halfmoon, while chilling in Haad Rin.

DJ Boyonic
DJ Boyonic
Hi Boy. Thank you for making this interview. 
You are now a famous DJ here but how did it all start? Why did you come to Koh Phangan in the first place?
I came to Koh Tao first and then I had my first trip to the Full Moon party in 1998.
That was the first time. A while after I was following a friend who owns land on Koh Phangan and just fell in Love with the place.

During this party in 1998 I decided to become a DJ and from that moment I began to dream about becoming a DJ. I didn’t start right at the beginning but a short while after. 
What kind of music did you play in the beginning?
I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time so I could develop my own style. I played progressive House, Techno and some good Tech House. It is still my style and I really Love it. It feels good to play .. a good bass line .. something with a good imagination.

DJ Boyonic
DJ Boyonic

Why did you choose the name DJ Boyonic?
My first DJ name was Boy and I found it nice and simple but so many people used it already. Actually in Bangkok alone there are few :) 
1 day I visited my friend, this English bloke, when he was painting his Club. I told him that so many DJs had the name Boy but what else should I use. He said “Why not use Boyonic?”  
It means Boy, Human and Robot which is kind of my style with the electronic music. Funny but I used that! 
Where did you play on Phangan?
I played in a few parties here. Regular is Halfmoon... and the Backyard. Sometimes Sramonora if they invite me and otherwise lots of private parties. Sometimes I go to Bangkok to play for some friends if they invite me there.
Did you play anywhere else outside of Thailand?
In 2003, I met my Trance sister. She invited me to my first party outside Thailand in 2010 in Beirut Lebanon! 
When I flew there with my manager I was thinking of how it would be. As you know, they had some troubles there since 40 years ago and my focus was a lot about that of course - but when I first arrived in the airport the people there were so lovely and only smiling at us. 
In the arrival they made many checks on us and our visa because we came from Thailand but after that everything was smooth and nice. A bit cold but great to be there!

DJ Boyonic in Beirut
DJ Boyonic in Beirut

This party was Full Moon party Thailand in Lebanon. I found interesting DJs there also. Especially 3 Djs I really liked. Some of the top 10 DJs in Lebanon. 
They use warehouses for parties. Rebuilding them, decorates inside and make them look like new clubs when its really an old warehouse! Great concept!
The party was great. Proper Real, and I really I enjoyed it. It was a new experience that got me stronger to become great at the work I want to do. Yeah!
How did you start working with Jao at the Halfmoon?
I had some friends, like brothers to me, who introduced me to Jao the owner of Half Moon festival. Around 2006 we tried 1 party to see how it would go, and when it worked out we kept doing them! 
From 2006 to now in 2012! 
What style of music is played at the Halfmoon party?
I play the Warm-up which is more Underground Techno or Tech House. After 1 o clock we kick of with the Psy Trance through all night long. Good Trance

Halfmoon Festival Koh Phangan
Halfmoon Festival Koh Phangan

The Halfmoon opened recently after being closed for few weeks for upgrade. What enhancements did you make?
The space is upgraded. So is the sound system and the lights and lasers. Now its made like an outdoor party with European standards. Its quality now!
How did the Halfmoon develop through the years?
From my point of view, they really grew up. 
In the beginning the people came late and the party finished at midday. Now people come earlier to enjoy the whole set up. The BBQ, the painters, the VJ and the Deco and now the party finish shortly after sunrise. This is also in more respect for the locals around. 
Last but not the least. What do you think makes Koh Phangan so special?
First it is the history of the place with the visits of King Rama the 5th on Koh Phangan. Beside that we have beautiful beaches, nice parties and good locals. 
I have been here for 13 years and I’m still stuck here. I do not feel to stay on the main land or anywhere else than here.
It’s hard to put in words.
I just feel it!