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1 Oct 2013

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This is the Amnesia Club on the Baan Tai main road playing underground tech and deep house vibes.
A cosy darker made environment where you will find the real vibe of clubbing and real tech house music.

DJ Adler the owner shares his vision.
“It is a different Club option for all the clubbers on KP. There are many beautiful outdoor rough n tough parties, we bring comfortable surroundings and a roof”.

We even made sure that high heels can dance on our dance floor all night without stumbling or risking in loosing a much appreciated heel.

As we are located at the center of Baan Tai road, We are very concerned about our surrounding environment and have a full sound proof club! The walls are thick and adding to the indoor cosy feeling and the forbidden secrecy in being where no-one can hear you.
“There is always room for one more at our bar and we serve everything from cocktails to beers and other refreshments. We do not offer buckets.”

Amnesia club located at the middle between Thong Sala and Baan Tai. It is close to everything, easy to find and easy to find home from too. If you end the night a bit too drunk, it is very easy (and recommended) to get a taxi, as it is on the main road.

Amnesia hosted last year some top international DJs such as Nakadia, Alle Farben and Dj Ruby just to name some and promise to bring many more top Djs during the coming high season.