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Ambiance delicious BBQ at Pura Vida restaurant

6 Apr 2016

Pura Vida Restaurant & Lounge Inauguration will take place this Friday from 7 pm.
All Phangan people are very welcome...

Five friends together with one wish to change their lives ...together they came up with the perfect plan that would make their wish come true!

Four of them had visited Koh Phangan twice over before and told the fifth (who hadn't been there yet) everything that she needed to know to be convinced that moving to Thailand with her brother and three other mutual friends was a brilliant idea.
The one that instigated the group change in the first place was motivated to do so because life in Portugal was not working out. He had no job and came to the realization that he had to turn his life around .


He had turned thirty just the year before, started to notice time flying by as he grew older, and he decided he couldnt continue on his life the way it was.

Although he had previously worked in a restaurant back in Portugal,  he never actually owned his own restaurant. actually, none of the five had.

They chose Haad Yao because it's a pleasant, peaceful location with lots of families. They felt the town could do well with a nice place to eat seeing it was something the place lacked.  Pura Vida was created so now Haad Yao has a cozy lounge with nice ambiance and delicious bbq food prepared European style.

What does Pura Vida mean/symbolize?
For us, the meaning is Enjoy Life! Appreciate every moment and every second in your life.
We choose this name because we want to live and appreciate this lifestyle and tell/show others that they can do it too!

What is the concept of Pura Vida as a place like?
A restaurant where you can get fantastic food along good friends, where you can sit quietly listening to music and enjoy our lounge while drinking nice cocktails and just Pura Vida- ENJOY LIFE!.

Pura Vida. Enjoy the life. Appreciate every moment.

Pura Vida located at Haad Yao beach with Happy hour every day from 5pm-7pm (Closed on Sundays), free chips (: