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An Amorous Adventure at Pleasure Harbour Boutique

19 Aug 2016

The boat was a little late, I was already anxious after two weeks apart to get to Koh Samui as soon as possible and a well earned break was certainly earned and on the cards.

It felt good though, good to be waiting at the pier surrounded by Half Moon party goers from the night before who were still drunk and looking like they needed a bed. I on the other hand felt a change, a change inside and outside myself, a new maturity of sorts that made me feel proud and excited to get to my destination and to the person who was waiting for me there already.

I had been in contact with Pleasure Harbour Boutique before but had never been in person so it was exciting to be able to go across the sea and put faces to names and turn photos into reality, the boat finally arrived…

Most people know the area of Chaweng for its bustling nightlife but tucked in a sexy corner very close to Ark Bar you will find Pleasure Harbour Boutique, a concept hotel born from the imagination of its owners and designer Lina Yonan;

‘The design was inspired by the the charm of the private clubs of old Shanghai with warm colours, rich fabrics, a lot of art and antique pieces mixed with fresh humour. An ideal place for pre and after party’.

To get to Pleasure Harbour Boutique you walk down a small alley off of the main Chaweng road and are greeted by cherry blossom flowers to allure you into the oriental vibe of the hotel and atmosphere.

On entrance you are transported into a different world from the commercial scenes of the known Chaweng into a sensually lit lounge of seductiveness, artistry and calm.

I was greeted warmly by Amanda who had helped facilitate my reunion with ‘he who shall not be named’. It was early, around 9am so she showed me to the room where this mysterious man had slept the night before…

We walked up the stairs to the first floor and noticed that even the handrail is wrapped in soft leather to guide you onwards whilst unique lamps hang from the ceiling. The long corridor's ceiling is adorned with beautiful lampshades like something out of an animated fantasy film and the pathway is framed with pebbles, I knocked on room eleven and was let into the dark room.

This reunion is personal, a memory just for two people but after a few hours of reconnecting it was time to turn on the lights and think about what experiences lie ahead for that day.

We were in a superior room and superior it is! The first thing you will notice is the swing, now if you book this hotel on a whim this may tickle you slightly (although the adults only policy should give you a clue). I had seen a photo of a large leather swing at Pleasure Harbour Boutique before but realised this was obviously in another room as this swing was smaller, non leather but still as fun and exciting. I found out later from Amanda that there’s a swing in every room, use it as you wish!

Every bed also has straps and cuffs, but these are tasteful treats made from black material and lined with the softest short fur for a playful rendez vous, expect ‘boudoir’ rather than ‘vulgar’ with your stay here as everything is done with style yet still being a bit cheeky.

My partner in crime and I drove to visit the dog sanctuary, a wholesome and humbling activity to do whilst visiting Koh Samui, then we drove up to Fisherman’s village to enjoy a couple of drinks on the beach before returning to our exotic sanctuary of room eleven for a rest.

And oh what a rest it was! The bed was so comfortable and soft, after inspection we noticed that maybe these beds had been designed with a ‘certain activity’ in mind as well but we can also confirm that they are very good to relax in.

The Chaweng nightlife was buzzing by this time so we decided to join them and immerse ourselves in some cheesy party action for ‘research purposes’ of course. Pleasure Harbour Boutique is really centrally located within the party scene of Samui, we walked down the road to Green Mango and chose one of the quieter bars to have a drink in so we could ‘people watch’ and laugh about how we used to be the same not so long ago, before the memories of our room at Pleasure Harbour got the better of us and we returned in the early hours.

It was a smooth awakening into the morning after, the bed felt like heaven and great thought has been put into helping the room stay dark for those late morning wake ups. We wanted to stay longer already…

And our wish was granted but to an unbelievable scale thanks to the wonderful Amanda. At first we were sad to be told that they were fully booked so we set in our minds that everything is as it should be and it was obviously meant to be that we return to Koh Phangan that day as planned, until we received the phone call. One of the ‘suites’ was free so we could stay in there if we wished!

Mr Mysterious and I walked back to Pleasure Harbour in excitement and anticipation after we had enjoyed an unwinding lunch by the sea and I believe that even Amanda herself was eager to show us the suite. Our bags had already been taken up to the second floor for us so we just had to follow Amanda up, past the first floor where room eleven was and up onto the next set of heavy wooden stairs to floor two. This time we were right at the end of the sybaritic corridor in the aptly numbered room sixty nine...

Where do I start? I was finally in front of the big leather swing in real life, it’s surrounded by mirrors and sparkling lights and once you can take your eyes off of this party piece you notice the bed, it is huge. The biggest bed by far that myself and the ‘Sir’ had ever seen, a bed fit for a honeymoon couple yet also a ‘special occasion’ with friends.

This suite has two balconies overlooking Chaweng so you can sit in comfort enjoying some room service cocktails whilst gazing on the lunacy and fun of the nightlife down below or you can just stay indoors of course.

Every detail is catered for, the brass fittings of the bathroom with its rainfall shower and even a heart was cast in shadow on the wall (maybe coincidence but still rather sweet). You will notice some large books on the dressing table and if you open them there is a naughty gift inside but we’ll let you find out what these are yourself.

There’s a burlesque pole in the centre of the room and two soft leather studded sofas to choose from, but we of course spent most of our time on the magnificent bed, heavily encased from the madness outside by the long luxurious curtains and surrounded by sensuous lamplight…

Pleasure Harbour had become our haven over the last couple of days, a fitting destination for a meaningful and fun reunion of myself and the one who had been away. An erotic adventure with spoonfuls of class and witty touches, all nestled into a secret passage off of the usual madness of Chaweng in Koh Samui. Something you will be pleasantly pleased to find in this part of town.

We said goodbye to the suite of sixty nine and slowly descended the stairs whilst quietly recollecting the memories we had forever made at Pleasure Harbour Boutique. Amanda and the team all said goodbye to us and they are always asking if everything is alright and helping with whatever they can, everything was perfect and we will go back to stay with them one hundred percent!

So if you’re looking for something a bit different or just something with style in the busy area of Chaweng then Pleasure Harbour is your place my friends, and although I’m now back on Koh Phangan trying to immortalise my experience there in words, the memory of this sexy little place will keep me smiling inside for a long time to come...