Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society

17 Sep 2015

Phanganist is happy to introduce two DJ's from Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society, Woken and Penitence. Maybe they will grace our Island for a visit soon...?!

Name: Woken from Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society
Country: NZ
Gender: Male

Music is a big part of my life, it was the discovery of non-mainstream, conscious and underground music that led me to Selecting, DJing and collecting vinyl records.  The music that I select is influenced and inspired by underground 90s hip hop, ragga, early DNB and jungle, 70s rock, foundation dubstep, funk and soul and of course full spectrum reggae music.  I play vinyl records for 95% of sets, for me it’s a pure format and provides a challenge when selecting for long periods of time.

What Inspires you?
Creativity, originality, improvement, music, art, hard work, challenges, success and failure.

What do you feel you can bring to the Bangkok scene?
Good vibes, real music, new sounds, relaxed events and the opportunity for local and touring Selectas, DJs and MCs to have a platform to perform.

What projects are you currently involved with?
There is a fair bit going on at the moment in terms of upcoming and unreleased BK RAS events.  In October BK RAS are pleased to present King Sound Steppaz from Czech Republic as well as Bomber Selecta, the Thailand Red-Bull DJ Champ for 2015.

What is the best thing you ever been involved with or done?
Musically, growing BK RAS over the past year has been a great experience, we have connected with and played alongside so many talented people. Life experience-wise, the never ending process of understanding and learning.

Do you have plans to play elsewhere in Thailand?
No concrete plans yet, however we are very keen to get to Pai, Chiang Mai and the Islands, basically everywhere and anywhere that will let us plug in.

What is your life philosophy?
Be humble

Dj Penitence
Name: Marcus
D.O.B: 1969
Country: UK
Gender: Male

Long time roots and culture fanatic, Penitence hails from London UK and has spent 30 years in and around UK dance halls. Inspired by the UK sounds of Jah Shaka, Aba Shanti, Channel One and producers like Gussie P and Ras Muffet he plays solid foundation sounds and heavy digital steppers.

You are based in Bangkok. What is your connection to Bangkok?
I came out to work in a Bangkok School in 2011 with my wife and two kids. We love Thailand and are still here 5 years later.

Tell us about Bangkok Reggae Appreciation Society...
I spent three years looking all round Bangkok for decent reggae music in a regular slot to no avail. Sure there were occasional nights now and then but nothing ongoing. I noticed a night in a local café, promoted by BKRAS so I went down to check it out. That night I met Be (DJ Woken) and we talked about all things reggae. I went down to pretty much every event after that, and am now proud to say that I am part of the BK Reggae Appreciation Society and all that it stands for.

What do you feel you can bring to the Bangkok scene?
As part of BKRAS we can bring joyful music with a positive message, in a respectful, diverse environment, where people from all tribes are welcome if they come in peace.

What projects are you currently involved with?
BKRAS have firmly established themselves on the BK scene, at the moment one of the most active reggae crews around. We are looking to develop new events in new venues, in Bangkok and further afield.

What is the best thing you ever been involved with or done?
BKRAS is the best collective I have been involved with in terms of music and roots people. On a personal level, my family is, and always will be, the best thing I have ever been involved with.

Do you have plans to play elsewhere in Thailand?
We are actively looking into making links in Chang Mai and would be interested in exploring opportunities anywhere in Thailand.

How did you get to where you are today and what is your life philosophy?
My life philosophy is never to give up, and that however low you feel, something always turns up when you least expect it, in places that you didn’t think of looking. Have faith. Be positive and humble, do unto others as you would have them do to you. Blessed love Penitence.