A Chat with Yuval - Founder of The Overstay and Bangkok Island

12 Feb 2021

The Overstay in Bangkok has been running for nearly 12 years and was set up by Yuval as a bastard child type project drawing on inspiration from the creative squat scenes in Europe and dirt cheap hostel accommodation in India.

By offering affordable accommodation amidst a creative space he hoped to bring artists, musicians, and all individuals in, to help bring the project to life. And they did!

With its reputation as a real underground establishment in the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok, they have held lots of events of all styles.

His newest project is Bangkok Island, a boat that holds 300 people and offers 5-hour events whilst moving along the river in the city. It has been very popular with the LGBTQ Community and Yuval is focusing on charity events to give back to the community.