Always Evergreen with Artist ABI

12 Feb 2021

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What is your Bangkok story?

I was born here and I have seen a lot of change. Bangkok is like the heart of Thailand and there has been a lot of work to do in the city.

What is your background in street art?

I use the name ABI and I have been doing street art since 2007, until now.

How would you explain your style?

My style is kind of presenting girls characters plus a friend of my imagination. This comes out in a nice way which is twisted with a little bit of sense of humour.

What is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from everything around me in life, plus the influence of Alex' and Bon's faces, the artists who are my friends and also my teachers.

You have an event at Chomp along with other artist's next year, tell us a bit about this....

I got informed by Mr Chayanon about the concept of this project which interested me and he convinced me to join.

What other projects are you planning for next year?

My project plan for 2016 is to arrange my solo exhibition

What do you think of the Bangkok/Thailand art scene?

It's good to see that street art and graffiti  are being performed very well by the new blood artists.

This is a good sign, showing how it's growing for Thailand to an international community.

What do you do in your spare time?

I spend my free time going to different countries to refresh my energy.

What is your life philosophy?

I have a good intentions to never stop improving myself and keep everything nice and orderly.

Always reminding myself that once I stop going forward, that's where I start turning back.

All elements of my creation must be always evergreen.