Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2020 will be launched next month

7 Jul 2022

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Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2020 will be launched in Bangkok next month. Chosen films from ASEAN countries such as China, South Korea, Malasia, Philipines, and Japan will be shown, free of charge, with protective measures against COVID-19 in place to ensure the health and safety of the visitors.

The 1972 Thai movie "Nampueng Phrachan," starring Sombat Metanee and Petchara Chaowarat, will be shown at the Film Festival at SF World Cinema Central City from September 3rd to 6th, along with 21 chosen films from SEA.

The programs will be open to visitors free of charge, with subtitles given in Thai and English. The tickets can be booked via pre-registration on the Facebook page of the Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival beginning September 1st.

Other popular movies screened at this festival are China's "Balloon," and Japan's "A Girl Missing."  

China's "Balloon," and Japan's "A Girl Missing at Bangkok ASEAN Film Festival 2020

The Minister of Culture of Thailand, said this film festival, organized for the 6th season with the cooperation of the National Federation of Thai Film Associations, is intended to help promote cultural relations, generate revenue for the country and place Bangkok as the center of film production in the ASEAN region.