Back to the Roots at Shiva Moon

16 Dec 2015

Soundtrack: Artist: E-CLIP (Serbia) Track: MACROCSM Record Label: IONO MUSIC

Ah Shiva Moon! <3 )) 


Wonderful Shiva Family!

Last party was gooood!
Lots of friends and locals and new faces here and there! Felt like Phangan home!


And Waow! New decor and a new stage! Beautiful! And now we can dance all night without a care for the rain should it fall ;)


I arrived to the Delicious Beatz of Dj Koi;


- danced through Joe Moontribe whilst connecting with friends and family on the dance floor;


and drewled a bit of pure happiness when Dj PSYMBIOSIS came on;


Yummi yummi Psytrance! Koh Phangan back to original roots in Trance.


There is no other than the real Moon Parties that masters the real Psy Trance scene here, and Shiva Moon has always been one of the best Psy Trance Parties on the island.
Small and magical. A very special spot in the Jungle made perfect for a Shiva Moon ;)


The Shiva Party has always stayed the same, through the last years of changes on Phangan. This is what has kept Shiva Moon special.

They are still not changing, just re decorating ;) and beginning a new season as always, in full colour and trance’a’licious beatz!!


Shiva Moon is still here and back for a new season! Full of Trance & Pure Love <3


Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor !!