Full Moon Black Moon and Half Moon parties schedule


PARTY DATES 2014-2015

Don't miss the party! Plan ahead with the party schedule for 2014-2015.

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Dates 2014-2015

Dates 2014-2015

Dates 2014-2015

December 6 Saturday December 20 Saturday December 15 Monday
December 27 Saturday

December 25 Christmas  Party


December 31 New Year  Party


January 4 Sunday  January 20  Tuesday  January 13 Tuesday
January 27 Tuesday

February 3

Tuesday  February 19 Thursday February 12 Thursday
February 26 Thursday

March 5

Tuesday  March 15 Friday March 14 Saturday 
March 27 Friday

April 3

Friday  April 19 Sunday April 12 Sunday
April 26 Sunday

May 2

Saturday  May 18 Monday May 11 Monday
May 26 Tuesday
June 2


June 16 Tuesday June 9 Tuesday
June 24 Wednesday

June 30 

Tuesday  July 16 Thursday Jule 9 Tuesday
Jule 24 Friday

August 1

Saturday  August 14 Friday August 7 Friday

August 29

Saturday  August 23 Sunday

September 27

Sunday  September 13 Sunday September 5 Saturday 
September 21 Monday

October  27

Tuesday October 13 Tuesday October 5  Monday
October 21 Wednesday 

November 25

Wednesday  November 12 Thursday November 3 Tuesday
November 19 Thursday

December 25 Christmas  Party


December 31, New Year Party


Full Moon Party Koh PhanganFULL MOON PARTY
Haadrin  8 pm - 7 am

Black Moon Party Koh PhanganBLACKMOON CULTURE 
Trance ★ Baan Tai ★ 8 pm - 7 am

Half Moon Party Koh PhanganHALFMOON FESTIVAL 
Trance ★ Baan Tai ★ 8 pm - 7 am


Jungle Experience
Dates 2014-2015


House  Baan Tai  8 pm - 6 am

December 24 Wednesday January 3 Saturday 
January 24 Saturday February 2 Monday
February 23 Monday March 4 Wednesday
March 24 Tuesday April 2 Thursday
April 21 Tuesday April 30 Thursday
May 22 Friday May 31 Sunday
June 20 Saturday June 29 Monday



Including Music Genre, Area and Party Hours

* The Party dates considered as usual dates only and may be a subject to change, please follow Koh Phangan Party List for up to date party schedule.

House  Baan Tai  8pm-6am
4 and 1 nights before Fullmoon Party

House Baan Tai  8pm-6am
Every Sunday
Sramanora Party Koh PhanganSRAMANORA
Tek + House  Baan Tai  8pm-6am
2 nights before and after Fullmoon Party
Rhythm and Sands Party Koh PhanganRHYTHM AND SANDS
House Baan Tai  6pm-2am

Secret Garden Party Koh PhanganSECRET GARDEN
House Haadrin  8pm-2am

Every Thursday

Ban Sabaii Party Koh PhanganBAN SABAII
Trance ★ Baan Tai ★ 6pm-2am
Fullmoon, Blackmoon, Halfmoon after parties
Backyard Party Koh PhanganBACKYARD
House Haadrin  7am-10pm
Fullmoon after party
Guys Bar Party Koh PhanganGUYS BAR
House Haad Yuan  8pm-9am
Every Friday
Eden Garden Party Koh PhanganEDEN GARDEN
House Haad Yuan  9Am-9am
Every Saturday and Tuesday
Pirates Bar Party Koh PhanganPIRATES BAR
House Haad Chao Pao 8pm-7am
3 nights before and 2 days after Fullmoon party
Shivamoon Party Koh PhanganSHIVA MOON
Trance ★ Baan Tai ★ 8pm-7am
3 days before and 3 days after Fullmoon party
Electronic Lounge Party Koh PhanganELECTRONIC LOUNGE
House Baan Tai  6pm-2am
Cactus Party Koh PhanganCACTUS
Popular  Haadrin  8pm-4am
Open every night
Drop In Party Koh PhanganDROP IN
Popular  Haadrin  8pm-4am
Open every night
Fubar Party Koh PhanganFUBAR
House Haadrin  8pm-2am
Open every night Party every Monday and at the Fullmoon party





The House and Electro music scene on Koh Phangan has developed rapidly during the last 2 years.

Before you could find House music mostly during the Full Moon party in Haad Rin in some of the venues, today most of the clubs in Baan Tai (the main party area) and all over the island are choosing to play this style of music. Some of the main parties on the Island that used to play trance before such as the Jungle Experience and the Pirates Bar are now playing Deep and Tech House. READ MORE..


The Trance party scene has been the dominant scene on Koh Phangan island for many years.

Since the Full Moon party started more than 20 years ago the Trance parties have been the major attraction. In 2011 when the House music parties started to appear on the island followed by main venues such as the Jungle Experience and the Pirates bar the island started to change the main scene as well. The music went from Trance to Deep Tech House. READ MORE..


dance clubs music parties on Koh Phangan
The majority of the parties playing Dance and Top Club hits mixes can be found on the Full Moon Party night on Haad Rin beach.

Walking from north to south (if you facing the sea, north is on your left) you will find venues such as Tommy Beach Club, Cactus, Hansa Beach, Drop In, Paradise and The Rock at the south corner of the bay playing a different level of underground to the mega Club's music style. READ MORE..


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Full Moon area includes Haad rin, Ban Khai & Ban Tai.

Haad rin area and Beach;

starlight resort, haad rin, full moon, guest house, hotel, booking
Starlight Resort

Sarikatang Resort & Spa
full moon, resort, guest house, hotel, booking, phangan, partyAmaresa Resort


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Maybe you rather wanna stay in Ban Khai / Ban Tai area.

A favorite area among long term foreigners who lives on the island, which makes it a bit more friendly and cool.

Every party which is not Full Moon and worth going to are being held in this area and it is also close to the various jungle parties.

The beach itself is peaceful and relaxed and the main road behind got restaurants and shops. It is also not too far from the island main city Thong Sala with its famous and delicious food market.

Ban Khai / Ban Tai Area and Beaches;

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Hansa Resort
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Morning Star
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First Villa

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Maybe you prefer to live further away from all the noise and party.
Phangan offers both spaces! On one side of the Island is the Party going on and on the other side of the Island, in Sri Thanu, Haad Yao and Chaloklum.

Sri Thanu Beach and Area. Peaceful Yogi Land with amazing Sun Sets!

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Golden Hill Resort

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Tharathip Resort

If you wish to be excluded to your own comfortable beautiful little bubble at the North West side of the Island, Phangan offers the remote and amazing Tong nai pan.

Amazing Paradise Bounty Beaches with sweet & delicious local Restaurants and local shops.
Famous Waterfalls in the neighbor village Tan Sadet, where the King used to come and swim!

rasananda island resort, hotel, booking, phangan
Rasananda Island Resort

santhayia resort and spa, hotel booking, phangan
Santhiya Resort & Spa
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Thongtapan Resort

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