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Koh Phangan’s Royal Navy Ship at Thong Sala Pier

3 Jun

One of Thong Sala’s most prominent landmarks has to be the Navy Ship adjacent to the main Pier which rests easy in its own private dock which was specially created for it.

HTMS Phangan was given to the Thai Government by the United States in 1957, as a gesture of good relations.

She played an important role with the Thai Royal Navy during the Vietnam War and finally retired from official service on the 5th June 2008 and has been on Koh Phangan since 2011.

The ship houses the official Rama IX Memorial Museum which has been in action since 2014. The museum often shows photos which document the island among other things which you can visit.

It is often the attention and location of different ceremonies with its close location to the Rama IX memorial statue and sometimes the boat it lit up brightly especially for festivals such as Colormoon which celebrates the Ship amongst other local island aspects.

The Navy Ship is also a popular hang out spot for young locals, they gather in the evening to show off on their scooters, eat, drink and laugh whilst sitting around the boat, in the area and close to the pier.

To find the ship, although you cannot miss it upon arrival on the boat, just head to Thong Sala pier and continue to the roundabout where you will see it ahead of you.

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