Thong Sala Community Beach Cleans

19 Sep 2017

The Thong Sala weekly beach clean is a relatively new concept and activity but it has been going well so far.

Organised and initiated by Koh Phangan Shakehand Group and Ecothailand, the clean up takes place every Friday at 5pm.

Everyone is welcome to join, visitors to the island, expats, locals, even the school children seem to be getting involved and anything, even small acts can help this cause to keep the beaches clean on Koh Phangan.

We should be focused on reducing our waste first and foremost but it is very important to keep the rubbish off the beaches and out of the ocean. Certain animals can mistake trash for a food source and swallow things such as plastic bags or they can get stuck in items causing them serious damage.

By joining the beach clean you may become more aware of your own lifestyle, youll see the impact of where rubbish goes if you dont get rid of it properly and hopefully it will make you want to reduce your own waste.

As this clean up is organised by the Thai community this could be a good way to meet people, get to know the real Koh Phangan and show them that as a visitor to this beautiful island you are willing to help to keep it clean and to take care of the amazing nature that the island is so lucky to have!

Join the team every Friday from 5pm, meeting opposite Niras Bakery.