Get Your Veggies, Fruit, Meat and Fish at Thong Sala Market Every Day!

12 Feb 2021

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Located in Thong Sala just to the left of Becks Beer Bar is a street which most know as the fish street market although it does actually sell more than just fish!

Open every single day, this street is a thriving market selling everything you need for delicious meals from fruit, vegetables, fish and meat.

Each shop is different although you will find the same things in some but this is all the more reason to spend time here, get to know the produce and owners and figure out the best for you.

One shop might have the best morning glory, another the best bananas, one may have lots of lovely herbs and another the freshest catch of fish!

This market offers you so much better value for money than big stores, you can buy everything from weight, whether you want just one piece or a kilo!

You can also find things you wouldn’t find elsewhere and try out some exotic Thai vegetables in your own cooking!