KP Gems with Leo - Mr Pramote of the Kodak Shop

9 May 2019

Phanganist and Leo had the pleasure of chatting to the founder of Koh Phangan’s first digital Photo Shop which is quite a title especially on an island so picturesque.

We are pleased to introduce you Mr. Pramote Piriyasatit of Kodak Shop on Walking Street in Thong Sala.

Born on the East side of Rat Charoen Temple, growing up on his parent’s coconut farm.

A particular childhood memory he recalls was riding on a wooden trailer carrying coconuts being propelled around the farm by a buffalo.

A few years later his parents decided to take apart their wooden house and construct a new house with the same wood to a location closer to the Thong Sala pier.

The location we know as the ‘Saturday Night Walking Street’ thus allowing his Mum and Dad to sell coconuts directly from their doorstep.

We asked Mr. Pramote what has changed from 50 years ago to today. His replied; “Firstly, there were no tourists which meant that everyone living on Koh Phangan was related to each other. If you wanted coconuts, water or fish, you would have to get up and get sweaty.

Everyone was willing to go out of their way to help each other. Sadly these actions are non-existent anymore”.

Mr. Pramote started taking pictures at the age of 14 around 1960 back when photos were in Black and White only.

We asked him what was his favourite photo or favourite type of photo shoot. He chuckled and proceeded to explain that back then every photograph was special because editing the photo afterwards was not possible.

Editing applications did not exist which meant that many aspects such as face shape, height, background, foreground, lighting and angles must be carefully thought out before you can even take a photograph. Nowadays you can fix these errors with Photoshop.

Mr Pramote and his shop offer a variety of photography needs, this is the place to get the correct photo for your visa including work permits where the requirements are stricter. You cannot miss them on Walking Street, Mr Pramote a KP Gem.