Electro brunch at Angkana Bungalow with Elisa

2 Mar 2016

Sunday 22nd was the two year anniverary of Angkana Bungalows.

The place is right after thongsala, on the coast road, when you are going north. Situated on the beach, the bungalows are new and decorated with taste.
It is own by a really nice french couple, Flo and Mathias, who did an amazing job... It has also a swimming pool right on the beach.

For that anniversary, they organised a big brunch with many good things on the menu. A famous dj, Leon M, was playing chill and deep electro, which gave a nice atmosphere. He put the perfect music for the place and the ambience.

For that special occasion, there was special activities like launch of flip flops, dice games and "pétanque" whitch were added to the usual activities you can find there (canoe, volleyball and SUP).

We had a great time! It was what we can call a perfect day : sun, friends, food, games. What else ?

From january, they will organize a brunch once a month.
For more infos here is there facebook page

If you don't know Angkana bungalow, you must go !


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