Learn About Buddha's Teachings at Buddhadharma Library

17 Nov 2017

16 years ago Peter traveled to Koh Phangan. He became friends with the head monk an Wat Pho and volunteered for the temple, he also helped develop the popular herbal sauna.

The monk passed away tragically years later.

Peter then became a Buddhist monk and began to develop the Buddhadharma library. After years of effort and dozens of letters around the world, the library became a reality.  

The Abbot at Wat Thong Nai Pan agreed to let Peter use some space at his temple. He began to help construct the building to house the 400 plus books which were sent to him.

The library is a free public service in support of education which began in 2556 (2013)

Hi Peter, why did you decide to open Buddhadharma Library?
In honor of my parents and the Abbot of Wat Pho, to help educate foreigners who visit Koh Phangan for the Full Moon party about the Buddha's philosophy and the significance of the full moon.

What kinds of books do you have?
Fiction of various authors and Nonfiction on Buddhism in English, Thai, French, Spanish, Chinese and German.

Tell us about being a monk…
It’s a cultural experience. The intention was to create a library so people could discover and educate themselves on the Buddha's teachings without having to rely on speaking with a Buddhist monk or having to get involved with organised religion.

What are the rules for exchanging/borrowing?
There are no fees. Please kindly return the book after you are finished reading so others after you may do so as well.

Do you buy books or take donations if someone has them?
It is not a business but a charitable endeavor. There is a donation box located in the library if someone wishes to make a donation to help with the construction costs.  

What do you like about being in Thong Nai Pan?
It’s beautiful, a peaceful beach devoid of the party crowd with a excellent waterfall nearby to visit.

And leave us with the library philosophy…
Teach yourself