Unique Bohemian Style and Fashion at Noi Shop with Bo

8 May 2018

Let’s take a trip to the North, slightly North East of the island, to that wonderful area of Thong Nai Pan Noi. Well known as a complete contrast to the South with its luxury resorts, beautiful long golden beach with an ocean perfect for swimming, a view of rocky terrains and palm trees with exquisite restaurants lining the village like road that leads in and out.

At the end of this small road is where you find the cosy yet luxurious resort of Buri Rasa but this is not where we are heading today…

If you have been here before then you will have surely visited ‘Noi Shop’ which sweetly sits near the entrance of the resort, with its colourful inflatables outside and mannequins dressed in the boho style of the ‘Chur Moore’ design creations that lie within the shop.

You will also have met the lovely Bo who runs the shop with her Auntie and if you haven’t met her then it our pleasure to introduce you now…

Hi Bo, how long have you been here?
I have been in Thong Nai Pan for 15 years now! I am originally from Bangkok but moved to Thong Nai Pan as my family had the resort that was here before the Buri Rasa, it was called Star Hut and I think many people will remember it.

Bo’s family had the shop when they also had the resort, now the shop has continued on since the development of Noi and the Buri Rasa taking the place of Star Hut. If you speak more with Bo then we’re sure you could learn some more of the history of this beautiful area.

What was it like here 15 years ago?
Not like this, there was no Buri Rasa, although we had our resort. It was all natural, lots of trees.

What attracts you to Noi Shop is the array of colourful, uniquely designed clothes. Bo has a certain taste and knows how to dress and present the garments which you cannot find elsewhere on the island.

Where do you get your wonderful designs?
We have a company who make them, when we like a design I tell them and they make the pattern for us and then create. Some of the dresses you can only get here.

We also stock things from other places such as Chiang Mai, Nepal and India.

What’s your style?
Definitely the Boho style, it looks good and is so beautiful. Tourists and visitors also like this style for here and also to take back.

Bo chooses all of the stock with her Aunt, the sister of her Mother as they both like the same style.

“When I have time I like to look for new designs, new things for the shop”.

Bo also wears the clothes and we must say looks beautiful in them!

What are your hopes for the future?
I would like to find a partner or partners in other Countries to work with, places like Israel, Uk and Europe, and to do have this clothing there.

Many visitors to the area are always commenting on Bo’s unique style, “they tell me, Oh it’s so beautiful, very nice and a special style”.

Koh Phangan is not known for its style or fashion so much but of course there are some gems located around and Noi Shop is one of them.

If you are going to visit Thong Nai Pan Noi for a day then be sure to stop off and see Bo and the wonderful boho creations. Enjoy a resort day on a beautiful beach, get yourself some stylish garments which you can then show off at one of the other end of the island’s famous parties.