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The Visa Situation - What you can do if you want to stay in Thailand past September 26

12 Aug 2020

The Government announced a new visa amnesty which will finish on September 26th. There is information from the Immigration police that if you wish to stay longer than this you need to get a new long term visa, otherwise you must leave the country.

Here is what they have published:

What are the long term visa options and how can you stay in Thailand? Here is what we know so far.

Business Visas/Work permits
It seems that the only long term option (with borders still being closed so one-year multiples unable to bounce and three-month non B’s unable to renew) is to apply for the One-year extension of stay based on having a work permit and other company qualifications. You may have heard of this, already be on it or know of people…

For our island of Koh Phangan, this means that you only have to go check in at Koh Samui immigration every 90 days, so you do not need to leave the country.

It is best to check with your own lawyer for your business about costs as they can be different but what is known is, of course, it is much more expensive than other Non-B visas. Work permits can possibly still be renewed. Again, check with your own business lawyer.

Get an Education Visa
Rumour has it that you can apply for an education visa through different schools. Education visas are for 6 months to one year. You must be enrolled in the school to do a course, learning Thai, Muay Thai, cooking etc. Actually a very good option for those who can afford it as you get to learn about this wonderful culture.

If you are already married to a Thai you can get a marriage visa (if you don’t already have one).

If you are a foreigner married to another foreigner then you can get a follow-on visa if they have something long-term. However, you cannot work even if they are permitted to in both cases.

If you are sick and cannot travel or if no flights are running to your home country
It was written that you need to write or contact your embassy and get a letter to apply for an extension to stay. We don’t know of anyone who has done this so it is up to you to contact your own embassy and see if they will issue a letter.

Do we think there will be another amnesty? We have no idea like the rest of you. If anyone has any more information than this then please contact us so we can update accordingly.