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Ministry of Tourism promises to bring first batch of international tourists to Thailand by October

18 Sep 2020

The Ministry of Tourism has promised to bring the first batch of international tourists to Thailand by October, with Bangkok as its primary destination, and wants tourism operators to prepare marketing plans immediately. 


"Tour operators can now start promoting the long-stay packages to customers via the Special Tourist Visa, tourists can contact the Thailand Overseas Tourist Authority for correct and additional information on travel plans using services of tour operators or the Thailand Longstay Company," said the Minister of Tourism and Sports. 


The important thing is that tourists to provide all the required documents regarding their itinerary to Thai consular officials including payment for alternative state quarantine (ASQ) or alternative local state quarantine (ALSQ) facilities, post-quarantine accommodation, chartered flights or private jet bookings, COVID-free certificate, and travel and health insurance. 


All documents need to be approved by Foreign Ministry, tourists will be issued a certificate of eligibility (COE) and STV to allow them to continue their travel plans. 


"If it is possible to complete the visa process in time, tourists can visit the country by chartered flight or private jet by 1 October," Mr. Phiphat said. 


Bangkok is where the first visitors will be quarantined for 14 days, as the city provides enough ASQ facilities that have proved successful in handling foreigners. 


According to the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration, during the first reopening phase international flights will be limited to three flights a week with 100 tourists per flight or 1,200 tourists per month. 

In the first month of reopening, the number of tourists could reach full capacity, as many travelers have already shown their intention to return to Thailand, Mr. Phiphat said. 


"If operations run smoothly in the first month without triggering another outbreak, in the next phase we aim to increase carriage capacity," he said. 


As regards domestic tourism, the possibility remains to extend the timeline of two stimulus campaigns and to increase privileges. Next month the ministry will forward those details to the cabinet. 


Mr Phiphat said there will also be a new stimulus plan to support tour packages from tour operators, while the delayed fiscal budget will not affect the ministry's operations. 


Separately, 81 communities have been developed by the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration and have provided channels to promote new community-based tourism packages with various tourism associations nationwide, including the Domestic Travel Association and the Thai Travel Agents Association. 


As part of the plans to stimulate local tourism, the effort is supported by the Tourism Ministry.

Source Bangkok Post