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Update on travel regulations for medical tourists - not normal tourism

3 Jul 2020

A senior spokesperson said Friday, the government is preparing local tours for medicinal and health visitors from abroad from next month and the launch of tourism "road bursts" in September. 


Taweesilp Visanuyothin, Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration spokesperson, said medical and wellness visitors will be greeted from this month onwards. 


When they were adequately handled in hospitals during their 14-day quarantine-treatment, they could go anywhere in the world. 

"Tours can be scheduled for them to visit anywhere in Thailand, after the 14-day duration," he said. 


It will align with tourists' first arrivals booked to live full-time at villas, beaches, and the like offering maximum facilities, and not moving outside of them, he added. 

About 1,700 foreigners from 17 countries have now enrolled for medical and wellness programs for entry to Thailand. To maintain successful management of the disease, they will have to reach by air, Dr Taweesilp said. 


The government also intended to accept different groups of visitors from countries that had managed the coronavirus disease by travel bubble arrangements. 

Health services should be able to cope with circumstances such as taking tourists to Covid-19, Dr. Taweesilp said.