Healthy Homestay is the new campaign by the Thai government for safe community-based tourism

1 Sep 2020

The tourism industry has positioned itself as a critical driver of post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

With travelers now more health-conscious, a campaign has been launched by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports to promote the New Normal of community-based tourism and the Healthy Homestay campaign, which aims to help bring more revenue to local communities.

The Minister of Tourism and Sports observed the Healthy Homestay model campaign in Ban Dong, where local people now offer community-based tourism activities and accommodation while promoting health guidelines and herbal medicines.

The Director-General of Tourism, Anan Wongbenjarat, said that many homes have now been certified to satisfy the Thai homestay requirement of the department. That type of tourism will help raise the profile of tourism opportunities all around Thailand while protecting the environment and local quality of life.

He said the activities offered at each Homestay, as well as the hosts' hospitality, will leave a good impression with the visitors. At the same time, health safety elements will have to be incorporated into the other services offered as part of the New Normal scheme. That will include as well a healthy food menu, meditation classes, and a patient referral protocol in case of emergency, together with general security aspects.

Mr. Anan said the improvements would help to upgrade community-based tourism to health-conscious tourism, which will attract more visitors to local communities. (NNT)-NNT

Source: Pattaya Mail