Thailand wants visitors to download a monitoring app before they arrive.

8 Apr 2021

To streamline safety procedures for its upcoming reopening, Thailand is demanding that incoming travellers download its pandemic health tracking app before arriving. The request is provided with a list of other requirements, including proof of a negative Covid test and the necessary quarantine time.

Officials in Thailand say potential tourists to pre-register for their vacations using Thailand Plus, a special Covid-19 tracker app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices (App Store or Google Play). You can use your Certificate of Entry to enter. QR codes will be used by the system to help you in gaining access to certain areas such as department stores and shops.

Using your phone's Bluetooth and GPS technologies, the app will track your location. It'll also use these to alert authorities if you've had close contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus. Despite privacy concerns, the app's developers say that your location is confidential and only the Department of Disease Control and Health Ministry has a connection to it.

To register on Thailand Plus, incoming travellers must also follow certain rules to access the country legally. During their quarantine periods, there should undergo an RT-PCR test on particular days. Travellers must also have every one of the required documents to enter the Kingdom.

Documents include:

• You must have a valid visa or re-entry permit (unless you are listed under the visa-free countries)

• A Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate-General Certificate of Entry

• A US$100,000 minimum coverage Covid-19 health insurance policy

• Confirmation of a hotel booking of Alternative State Quarantine

• A medical certificate confirming that Covid-19 has not been detected based on an RT-PCR laboratory result issued no more than 72 hours before departure.

Thailand is also allowing those who are vaccinated to undergo a shortened quarantine time of 7 days, down from the previous time of 14 days. Along with all other documentation, inoculated travelers must show proof along with registering at Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.