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TAT promotes food and art festival in Krabi August 26-30

21 Aug 2020

The arts, culture, and cuisine of Krabi's Southern Thai resort destination will be showcased at another domestic promotion event to be held in The Mud Crab Sculpture Park, Krabi Town, between August 26 and 30.


Thailand's Tourism Authority (TAT) supports the "Visit Art City, Taste Delicious Food in Krabi" event, along with Krabi Province, Krabi Provincial Cultural Office, Krabi Province Commercial Office, Krabi Chamber of Commerce, NSTDA, and the provincial health and safety authorities.


Many events would be featured in the event; for starters, the Krabi Province's famous modern art fair and Southern Provincial groups' "Street Art".


A variety of restaurants, both local and foreign, will showcase unique local culinary delights, including halal meals, hotel chefs' designer recipes, and new Andaman Sea seafood. Both the retail distributors pledged themselves to not utilizing styrofoam pots. 


About 100 local businesses have signed up as exhibitors to highlight items manufactured locally.


The highlight of the event will be a light and sound show called "Light up Your Life," with multicolored balloons and water fountains. There will also be a mini-concert by famous artists like "New-Jiew," "Getsunova" and "Ake Chokechai," the award-winning performer.


On top of that, TAT offers cash vouchers worth 100 Baht to use on the day. 


Tourists who have registered with the "We Travel Together" app will receive a 40 percent discount on accommodation, a discount coupon valued at 600 Baht per day, which can be used for food and admission fees to participating attractions, and a 40 percent refund of the air ticket (but not exceeding 1,000 Baht). For more details, please check the website entitled "We travel together."