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No plan to expand list of foreigners allowed to enter Thailand

6 Aug 2020

On Wednesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said there is currently no plan to expand the list of foreigners allowed to enter the country, including retirees in Thailand with homes and families. Press officer Yajai Bunnag said that there are currently only four groups of non-Thai nationals being allowed into the Kingdom, announced in the latest legislation. They include those who hold a permanent residency certificate, a work permit, those who have special arrangements with the government, and migrant workers.

Many had hoped the list would expand to cover unmarried couples and retired visa holders. Love Is Not Tourism Thailand, a Facebook page dedicated to the couples and families torn apart by the pandemic, has launched one of the campaigns.

They call on the Government to consider their loved ones.

"We are asking the government to issue visas or allow family members and lovers to join for humanitarian reasons," wrote the page. "Evidence such as a passport in Thailand with an entry stamp, photos and text messages should be able to verify their unions."

Thailand has closed its borders to tourists and visitors since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, standing many Thai overseas and foreigners in the Kingdom.

Source Khaosodenglish