Two Chiang Rai tea products win at the Tea Competition in Japan

9 Oct 2020

At the World Green Tea Competition that took place in Japan this year, two Thai companies from Chiang Rai won first prizes for their two tea products.

Assam green tea, from Ban Phayaprai Laoma tea factory, and Oolong Khao Hang-Ngok tea, from Chart 101 Company, are the two winning at the tea products competition.

The competition is organized by the World Green Tea Association, headquartered in Shizuoka Prefecture, which is the number 1 in Japan to develop tea. 
They strive to enhance the love for green tea across the globe. Seminars, conferences, and lectures on green tea are some of the programs they undertake. They are conducting the World Green Tea Competition for Innovative Green Tea Goods.

Loose leaf, tea bag, granule, beverage, and others are entry types.
Packaging (concept, naming, packaging design, and cost performance) and quality (brewed aroma and brewed flavor) are included in the assessment and scoring categories.

Mr. Cherdchai Lasee, the owner of Ban Phayaprai Laoma tea factory, said Thai PBS that the tea samples entered for the competition are items usually consumed by local people in Doi Phayaprai. This spacious mountainous area used to be where opium poppies were grown but is now covered by tea plantations. It is Thailand's largest tea-planting area.

He added that the tea grown and produced in Doi Phayaprai has a unique aroma and taste associated with its geographic identity. 

Out of Thailand's more than 24,000 hectares of tea plantations, over 12,100 hectares are in Chiang Rai, earning Thailand several hundred million baht a year in foreign exchange.

Hundreds of green, oolong, and black teas were entered in this year's competition by tea producers from around the world. Samples for evaluation and display were included with all entries.

The awards are the Grand Gold Medal, Gold Medal, Consolation Prize, and Packaged Award.