Tat has placed together special travel packages for expats

14 Sep 2020

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has placed together a unique fair for ex-pats and foreigners staying in the Kingdom. The program initiative is to obtain entry to unique tourism offers close to what Thais are getting through the 'We Fly Together' program, in partnership through the related tourism units.

As a result of a collaboration of TAT and the Thai Travel Agents Association, the Thai Hotels Association, the Thai Golf Association, the Thai Spa Association, and numerous other industries, the 'Expat Travel Deal 2020' event at the Bangkok Emquartier Shopping Center runs from September 11-13, 2020.

Visitors are likely to locate super unique offers that give significant discounts independent of nationality.

"Businesses involved in this event were able to offer their services at an exclusive discount and at a cost close to the 'We Fly Together' scheme, with TAT assistance," said Chamreon Visavachaipan, Chairman of the Association of Thai Fly Agents' Committee.

The event is bringing together thousands of tourists and ex-pats-pats living and working in the region, several of whom mentioned they were hoping for a while to go on a trip to Thailand's numerous provinces.

Source: Thailand Business News