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Health Officials say Thailand can handle a second wave if it comes

24 Jul 2020

Thailand will be able to handle and curb a second wave of Covid-19 as lessons from the first outbreak have been learned, say senior public health officials.

The director-general of the Disease Control Department, Suwant tochai Wattanayingcharoenchai, said on Thursday that a second wave of infections would be different from the first because the agencies involved and the public have learnt from it.

"Right now, without proper management, we are not allowing people from outside to enter the country," he said.

"People wear face masks on a regular basis, wash their hands and maintain physical distance that is different from the first wave. Government, the private sector and the public are experienced and well prepared for a second wave outbreak.

"Considering those factors, if local transmission re-emerges, only pockets of infections are likely to occur. It's like the sparks we can put out of a fire.'

Dr Suwant tochai said it is important for business operators to take additional health precautions to prevent infections at their workplaces, particularly in the industry, service and business sectors.

He said that if infections recur then businesses will be closed.

Source Bangkok Post