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For foreign visitors TAT announces compulsory medical insurance

24 Oct 2020

23 October 2020 - The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is pleased to share the latest announcement by the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC) that before entering the Country, foreign visitors will be able to purchase compulsory COVID-19 insurance policies online.

TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said, "One of the official documents required for foreign tourists preparing to visit Thailand during this challenging public health crisis is a medical insurance policy with at least USD 100,000 coverage or about 3.16 million Baht for possible COVID-19 treatment."

"TAT expects that, under the OIC Regulation, the COVID-19 insurance protection program will provide additional peace of mind for foreign visitors and potentially make it easier for inbound travelers to depart their country of origin," said Mr. Yuthasak.

Thailand's Thai General Association (TGIA) and Thai Life Assurance Association (TLAA) plus 16 leading and non-life insurance companies in Thailand are working with the OIC regulatory oversight to offer international tourists the insurance protection program COVID-19.

The foregoing advantages will benefit foreign travelers from the purchasing of an OIC-endorsed medical insurance package, which is available online at https://covid19.tgia.org/

The Thai government has approved the insurance policy and it can be used in the application process for a Thai visa. Coverage begins in Thailand immediately upon arrival.

The requirement for advance payment or out-of-pocket payments when admitted nationwide to private hospitals. Coverage for insurance does not exceed USD 100,000 or around Baht 3.16 million.

In the case of death from disease with COVID-19, the insurance company will provide the beneficiary with a life insurance benefit of USD 100,000 or about 3.16 million baht.

The price of the insurance premium is reasonable, the process is supervised by the OIC, and purchasing can be done online effectively.

Public health infrastructure and health care facilities in Thailand, as well as healthcare professionals, are recognized as some of the best infectious disease treatment services in Asia.

OIC-endorsed insurance packages for COVID-19 range from 30 days to one year. For 30 days of coverage, the premium ranges from 1,600-4,800 Baht; 2,880-8,640 Baht for 60 days; 3,840-12,160 Baht for 90 days; 7,680-23,040 Baht for 120 days, and 14,400-43,200 Baht for one year.

TAT highly recommends foreigners planning to visit Thailand to investigate before making any bookings at the Royal Thai Embassy / Consulate-General in their home country.